1. 100%. Like it’s definitely nice that you can solo them but I miss the days of FH4 and there being like several cars at the Forzathon event waiting for it to start. It made it feel like a mini car meet.

  2. Truly. I was burnt out from playing FH4 but Forzathon was always the reason I play the game other than painting. The old Horizon Life system where you can see players all over the map was also better, because it makes FH4's frankly also empty-feeling map a lot more lively. I genuinely have never seen more than 10 people in a single area in FH5 and I've done like 96% of Arcade solo. It just feel tragic.

  3. The game would be much better if mobile wasnt holding it back. Beautiful world, but not much to do in it after youve quested, and found all the chests.

  4. It's 70 GB on PC and without ongoing events/story it's a 15-20 minute play daily at best. A bit sad, really.

  5. I'm calling it now, when it comes out we're going to struggle to figure out what they've actually been doing all these years

  6. Exactly 59 seconds into that "built from the ground up" trailer, they showed a car model that's at least 9 years old, using the same body kit seen since FM3/4 and the same wing seen since FM5. Not the best first impression.

  7. Yeah, we've gotten to point with graphics where certain things are not going to look improved upon. What more can you actually do with a 3d model for a car.

  8. Come on, mate. There's no justification for a AAA title to use assets that are old enough to vote (some of these "optimised" meshes dates as far back as the OG Motorsport). Maybe I played FM4 for too long back then, but I can easily tell apart old models from newer ones. Same applies to wheels.

  9. You can't blame Forza for not having cars of which the manufacturers are being a pain in the ass in giving the licenses to use said cars. Fuck sake be angry at Stellantis

  10. I believed that at launch. Less so these days. Unless I missed something, literally every other licensed racing games from 2021-2022 except Dakar and NASCAR have them.

  11. This list would've been acceptable if this was the base game, because Mexico, Baja and all.. But Fuckin' A, a paid DLC? A rally DLC with exactly one rally car that is basically a hardcore version of a car we already have in the game?...

  12. I like rally so I'm quite alright with it, but at the same time, not really excited either. I would've been if it was part of the base game from launch as they knew they're gonna set it in a place known for the off-roading. Would be a massive differentiator instead of making the base game feel like Horizon 4.5 with less snow and worse online free roam. But as a DLC... A little underwhelming. Also no sign of the most successful constructor in WRC history to return so far.

  13. the off-roaders, which don’t really have a place unless they add rallying down the line

  14. I still don't understand why the Nissan Safari has so far only appeared in Motorsport 7.

  15. I think it's a case of being forced into it. People didn't like being forced in the snow. Personally I loved it a knew that Mexico for FH5 was bad news for that.

  16. Don't quite agree with your reasoning (Mosler/599XX bulldozed any sense of challenge IMO), but I did hate winter because it was forced, which IMO is a problem with the live-service playlist rather than snow itself. I believe winter would've been far better received if you can opt in and out as you please.

  17. I don't hate the game per se, but I hate a lot of things about it. The fun this game should've provided, I've already experienced in FH4. And the fun I've had in FH4 cannot be replicated in FH5 because they made Horizon Life feels dead and Arcade worse than Forzathon.

  18. i'd be happy with gt 7 customization so we can at least make our own spoilers and other parts ☠️☠️

  19. I just learned of that recently and my heart just fucking sank. Not that my faith hasn't been low enough considering GT's arguably superior livery editor and window decals. They sold paint as paid DLC 10 years ago FFS.

  20. As literally as it is. You know how we can purchase the car pass and get cars?

  21. Getting downvoted for no reason. This is a fair complaint. Not everyone is able to easily distinguish different vehicles apart. Can’t tell you how many times I saved a livery for a mustang just to find out it’s for the wrong mustang.

  22. It's an absolutely valid complaint. I'm pretty familiar with cars, but this is still an issue because the game has but a few identical looking ones. Like good luck trying to distinguish whether a Taycan livery is supposed to be on the normal or WP version, either Hoonicorns, or any of the Extreme E cars when the title just say "Forza".

  23. Let alone just the different trim packages of the same model that the game treats as totally different cars. Especially when it comes to Mustangs, it seems like FH5 has three different models per generation.

  24. Aye, just checked out the Mustangs in the game. When all you have is that tiny-ass thumbnail - I feel like the #25/#88 RTR Mustang, the Formula Drift Mustang, RTR Spec 5, and the 2018 Mustang GT can be real difficult to tell apart with custom liveries.

  25. In all honesty? Not hopeful. Well aware they're not gonna show the entire game, but at this point in time, we should've known more about it - game's been in development for years and going to be released this year, yet 80% of the presentation is basically "the graphics are better, we built this from the ground up" while showing us what I suspect to be the same Miata (and 190E, and E30) model and bodykit we've seen for over a decade.

  26. The way the game just carries on if your controller was disconnected. Considering controller and M+KB have significantly different UI, I don't expect it to be able to seamlessly switch between both inputs like... literally every other game I've played - but I see no reason why the game can't just pause if the controller is disconnected instead of letting my character gets pummeled by a hilichurl or freeze to death as I scourge for my reserve AAs. If I had a dollar for every time that happened, I'd have $5 - which isn't a lot, but still far from ideal.

  27. I'm half awake while creating this, so there's a good chance that something's written wrong. In case something don't pop up in game, look up GT: Lucifer6235

  28. If it scares the shit out of people, at least they're in the right place.

  29. "Clarkson, you infantile pillock. You're tidying that up."

  30. For the amount of Fast and Furious liveries in the creative hub, it's unbelievable how many people are either unaware that the caption is a quote from one of the movies - or are aware and took it seriously anyway.

  31. I tried several times with different teams, but for me the least stressful path was getting 6* from 12-1 and 12-3 first, then deal with the Wolflord in a different run.

  32. I thought that these posts would begin to disappear, PG said they were gonna crack down on cheaters on the leaderboards and they said it would be a slow process, so let's just be patient wait a couple more months, if literally nothing changes by then, then we can start chucking shit at them lol.

  33. Something I've been asking since I started painting in FM3: Ability to sort/group/search your own goddamn liveries/decals so one does not have to manually scroll through hundreds of decals to find Pirelli. Seriously, it's some basic UI shit.

  34. The first story mission that you're basically forced into: They didn't bother to paint the Golf teal (if it's supposed to be James'), the wheels of the car changes from stock in cutscenes to modified in gameplay, James is supposed to be with you in the car but at least in my case his character model is nowhere to be seen, and the Golf's interior light also acts as a braking light. Not a great first impression.

  35. I'm sorry, but there's really no way to put it other than "this is pretty shit, isn't it?". Even if they had to just recycle things, is it seriously not possible or too much of a bother to bring back more than 3-4 cars?

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