1. Funny since in Serbia (a formerly communist and socialist country) insulin is free and or real cheap

  2. capitalism kills that much in a decade, also wasnt it 80 million last year

  3. I mean i think the bigger problem is lithium mining for the batteries, and how

  4. Did they use art made by a fucking porn artist to make a political meme ???

  5. Thank you for your contribution to the research community.

  6. Yo I can buy “weed cigarettes” at 7-11!!! I’m totally down with this reality :) and also how can the clerk know the customer is a cis male? Fucking idiots lol

  7. Pedos deserve the worst, the fact that he got off so easy is bad

  8. Strong words. So sad to hear you say them. I'd like to think you know who this guy is then and know for sure what you're saying is true, but it's more likely you have no idea and all it takes are some random rumors you heard online for you to support horrible torture. It hurts my heart to see you think this way. I don't believe there's evil people, but you would come close :(

  9. I dont fucking care who he is, hes a pedophile and if not that he messed with the cartel in some way, so he brought it onto himself,.

  10. Infinite drinking water would make you more rich since it’s a resource that everyone needs.

  11. then i would get assasinated by big corporations for ruining theyre profits

  12. Not necessarily. You can get into the good graces of them by partnering with the biggest one(s) for protection and distribution. You would have to partner anyway since you couldn’t distribute the water yourself. Or just negotiate a sale with one of them or the government and you get instantly super rich just by selling the bottle.

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