1. Can someone give me an update on the Jules Rimet? Is it still gleaming?

  2. Reckon it'll be five at the back vs France which is why we put Dyer on instead of letting Kane have any form of rest

  3. It actually stands for "Public Cuddling Unlawful"

  4. Please read these rules each week to see what is allowed

  5. Marty Scrull seeing a Sixteen year old girl on her own

  6. How was the Pokémon it was mimicking? Was it shiny too?

  7. It was mimicking Gastly and no it was a regular Gastly

  8. Actually... Dortmund doing exactly what the Americans did

  9. A late salvage from Iran makes it 2-2, with the US having dominated for 60 mins. Going undefeated, having been arguably the best team in each game, but still going home. Late 1-0 for Wales sends them through against England

  10. 1 nil wouldn't be enough for Cyrmu and England would progress on Goal Difference.

  11. Pretty sure the LOTW thread has a line about being up until Tuesday due to the holiday weekend..

  12. I don’t believe so. The thread is still up, I haven’t seen one for voting yet. I missed the SOTW vote 🙃

  13. I look forward to everyone bitchin about Chris Pratt again.

  14. I've always wanted someone to have a gimmick based the characters from Epic Rap Battles of History

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