1. "So, how do I activate the boost" ... "I wonder if THIS button wor-

  2. Comment on Floyd is exactly right. That run was ludicrous, and I actually really enjoy division bell.

  3. Fuck yeah! I just forgot about Floyd since I started listening to Tool last year. Now that I'm out of the initial Tool fever, I just put on Division Bell again yesterday, and it was fucking beautifully amazing. Sometimes I forget about just how much I love Pink Floyd. Loved reading your conversation too, lol.

  4. Me too, I forget how much I love a lot of bands because tool takes over. It’s hard to get much better than Zep and Floyd and what they did considering their time period.

  5. So true, hahah. Great talking to you my friend

  6. Some real GTA: Online shit right here.

  7. https://www.mediafire.com/folder/z68v9xboo1kzz/%C3%86nemated

  8. Thanks a lot! But what happened to 06 Merkaba?

  9. I mean it's not included in the mediafire folder. Do you mind adding it? I absolutely love merkaba, hehe..

  10. Lmao, I never heard it being referred to that, but it kinda fits.

  11. Just a side note: it is entirely possible for a woman to like Tool and still be completely batshit crazy enough to superglue your dick to your stomach because you were mean to her in her dream.

  12. "...bu ..but she LIKES. TOOL!"

  13. Can't stop people from coming up with threads, can you

  14. That’s literally the raison d’être for mods

  15. I'd rather have the complete free speech back that reddit was intended for, than to remove content for the sake of keeping things clean. I mean I get it, I'm a mod myself, but I'd rather see any posts coming up than ones selected by a third party.

  16. Holy fuck, how did I miss that! You're the best.

  17. *I know other shit than you (probably)

  18. “I guess that’s why they call it window pain” -Eminem

  19. Went to a dance just the other night, everyone there was there.

  20. Hahahahah, this made me laugh out loud

  21. They were bootleg mixtapes of mostly Biggie Smalls and Tupac

  22. What if you're dumb, deaf and blind though o.O

  23. Woah I'll happily take one. I'll return the favor with a review of course!

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