1. Prison has not been kind to Danny Masterson.

  2. Didn't you just have a mistrial. Btw tell Topher, Wilmer and kurtwood hey if they still talk to you.

  3. Same to you and I can't thank you enough and the pillar once I got the right amount and heat dialed in will be the difference maker.

  4. You're welcome! I'm so glad you like it! I felt like you had to get a pillar, I'm glad you got one! Oh yes it will be! Enjoy! I can't wait to see more clouds here! 🙏☁️🤍

  5. Oh yeah you def will see more clouds from me need to get better area to film I only get certain times little ones running around small apartment. But it won't stop me just inconvenience at worst. Cheers my dude

  6. Tell that to Kevin Nash who just lost his son due to complications caused by alcohol withdraw. It's the only one of those substances mentioned that can kill you if you go cold turkey. It's very much addictive and dangerous.

  7. I like my flower and I love my hash/oils. When I first got into the program I was very much carts/pods specially when I fig out the diff of disty and full spec/live resin carts I was on board but the more I used them the less I found them to be effective. Flower fails me a lot less than carts/pods so I just cut them out for the most part do like to keep one around for emergency and travel purposes.

  8. I'm so glad you like it! I hope it's a game changer for you! Cheers! 🙏☁️🤍

  9. Cheers, bro. Love the blender style nails they hit so nice

  10. It def hits really nice and those hollow pillars are the shit. I gotta get some cheaper concentrates to really try it out. Only have rosin ATM and not much besides I'm in Ohio and rosin is crazy expensive here, the dispo I go to runs deals alot so it's easy to get on sale but still 55-65 for a gram I tend to take it easy on the rosin.

  11. I have wanted to get the switch my neighbor has one and honestly if I had hot it before I bought my puffco I'd went with the Dr dabber. I only say that cuz there is really nothing you have to upgrade like with the peak. But after having invested the money that I have on upgrades for my pro I couldn't imagine dabbing without my puffco. I've only been a puffco owner 6months

  12. I just got a half of this last Saturday. Very nice chunky buds and it smells and tastes like lemon G I used to grow back on the day.

  13. Gorgeous I love the color and the way she glistens off the light very much a happy girl. I am impressed and your hard work shows. Cheers

  14. Search the sub for “terpinolene fans unite”.

  15. I've commented on that thread before believe I added a strain. Can't remember it's been a while back

  16. Yup. I have a little vac stash that holds like 24 caps for the Mighty and rotate between strains depending on mood. Makes it so much easier to just grab a packed cap and blast off. Wish I could think of a better system for doing dabs the same way though, ha.

  17. Puffco peak pro or the proxy easiest way to do dabs not preloaded, but fast enough I can do two or three dabs B2B in the time it takes me to heat my banger and temp it then do my dab. Mighty or crafty + is on my list to buy but ever since I learned of the quaroma/Taroma/ceroma spending that kindve money on amy other vape seems silly to me.

  18. This is disappointing to hear that it's not gassy at all specially the rosin which I had high hopes for it sounded like it def gets the job done. I normally only buy there rosin when it's 25% off which is quite often seeing as it's $85 regularly and if I'm spending that kindve money it's ancient roots every time and there prices went down in the last week or so only a buck or two but it's a step in the right direction.

  19. I feel like only fans is why your mom divorced you. But being your still her baby boy she couldn't kick you out on the cold.

  20. So from what I can tell do you hit it out of the palm? This has to be one of the craziest tips I've seen so far very cool.

  21. middle finger is the mouthpiece, palm just has a design on it

  22. That was my first inclination, but had to find out for myself. Thank you for responding cheers and happy dabbing.

  23. And cue Chris Jericho's intro music from attitude era..... Break the walls down!!..... Lmfao

  24. So I snagged a tenth, after the Jordan fell a little short I was ready for something heavy. Garlic cookies/GMO strains always put me down. However I was pleasantly surprised once I loaded my pax up. Now this wasn't put me to the floor heavy, but def heavy enough that later part of the day is best time to use this, unless you have absolutely nothing to do then I'd say enjoy. This is an all around well balanced indica leaning flower. The balance part is more to not super sedative but will put you down with an extra toke or two. I know that's what happened to me the second sesh I had I used a little more than usual and within 15mins I was falling asleep. Which I don't mind but I only took 3 hits after I am to the point ware its time to put up for later, the buckeyes loss had me down so I indulged a little and bam got put on my ass lol.

  25. Can somebody, anybody, please tell me what the hell that symbol of the colonial cannabis gentleman implies -- Johnny Cannabis'seed or am I missing something ?

  26. I think he looks like an old Sheppard like Bible days, it he is a Nepalese Sherpa that guides people to the best hash way up in the Himalayas. Lol and is that a bong he is carrying.lol

  27. Reached out to Certified a few days ago. They just replied on what WDZ is. Thank you for reaching out regarding our WDZ strain!

  28. I never would have figured that out and thank you for the update. Hope you had a good holiday cheers

  29. I've got the exact same slurper and pearls. Bear quartz makes decent bangers. Cheers my dude

  30. First of all, it's M18 as in, I sell a Milwaukee M18 Battery base for the puffco peak with a 3D printed base. Secondly, it's the model without the pump. Finally, yes it is amazing because the same people that think that, that is the price, are the same people that think Rosin Presses would come with starter material. So I'll reiterate, yes, it is amazing that people actually believe that.

  31. Hey yo I'm interested in this Milwaukee battery for the puffco. When you say Milwaukee you mean like the power tools?

  32. That rbr is super nice it reminds me of a local high schools colors. Not a school I attended but a rival school, the name of this school is Athens High school. The same school of Heisman trophy winner and Cincinnati Bengals QB Joe Burrow. Go Bulldogs

  33. Funny cuz I say the same thing bout FiSci I was big on there rosin but it hasn't been that great last two times I had some and there is just better options for rosin.

  34. Tad dry but there is something they aren't doing with there cure maybe too long idk it has a lot of potential and if they really work on this it could be a really nice day time strain.

  35. I'd break out my Dremel and glass wheels and just low and slow nice little cut in the jar then a tap and boom ezpz

  36. The Glove I got from Cresco was some top tier smoke. Super Gary smell and taste. Terps we’re good and the effects are a nice hard & mellow

  37. I'm curious as to exactly what Gary Peyton smells and tastes like I've always heard it has crazy smell to it. Now my buddy grew some this year and gave me some it was def fire very skunky tasted great very smooth overall a great smoke. But you know how these seed banks are you never really know if your getting actual genetics or if it's some really killer shit but not the true genetics that we would get say if I had purchased an 8th of Gary from cookies. Now I'm not saying he didn't have Gary he prob did never asked who he gets his seeds from too nosey of a question for me to ask. I am just curious either way it was fire I def would love to have a better idea of what it's like. Def a good notch on the belt so to speak.

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