1. I just finished archiving I think all of it just as the shutters were going down I'll post more when I have it up

  2. They're called a lot of different things but a grabbing claw tool has been very useful for me

  3. I don't know what could be causing this. Unless the intake air path is clogged with something, you shouldn't have any issues if it's packed right. Is your glass pipe dirt? Like I've had my solo 2 for a long time now to the point where I barely alchohol out my chamber, and haven't had issues. I also only use dry herb.

  4. The one I was using was a little dirty so I switched to a freshly cleaned one and the issue persists although to a lesser degree

  5. Out of curiousity,.. I would imagine it wasn't extruding - what in the world did you spend time checking before the nozzle?

  6. So it wasn't auto leveling properly so I was trying to fix that first not knowing it was that and after that seem to be fixed (not quite sure how it figured that since the pla was still there) I tried to print again, when that didn't work I tried extruding manually, checking the filament and while I was doing that my wife pointed out the filament bunching up.

  7. My Plex server is a HP 290-p0043W, ballpark $150 on eBay. It can do hardware transcoding with the cheap Celeron it comes with, or you can upgrade it to something like an i5-9400 (what I did) or some i7 (what my buddy did) for a reasonable price and throw a few more functions at it.

  8. It super depends on what your needs are, Shadow works for me because I use it for development and gaming (though I do agree with others that the price increase was wack) but if you don't need it for both work and play I'd recommend looking for cheaper specialized services for gaming OR for work if you just want something with minimal set up needed.

  9. Is this supposed to be transphobia because this is among the weakest I've gotten

  10. Stigmatizing people with bpd is a bad thing though like you're not having a discovery here you're acting exactly as people want you to towards someone who (potentially) has BPD. Also like! People are allowed to ask for your attention, your time, you're allowed to ask for this too! Despite what you've heard you're supposed to have expectations of others, you're supposed to want to be around others, it's not needy to have needs or wants.

  11. They’re not asking for OP’s attention though, they’re demanding it. I think the line that OP is trying to draw here is that when we want support from someone, we should ask if they are available to support us at that time and wait for a reply before unloading all of our issues on them in a stream of texts

  12. While I don't know if there are guidelines on Ada compliance specifically there's a lot of good accessibility guidelines here:

  13. No offense but mentally ill people are not your enemy here and punching down isn't going to get you better treatment, I have CFS and psychosis and that doesn't make the impact of either condition effect me less

  14. All the 100 year olds bemoaning you smoking weed are morons, this rule is horse shit and the rules will start to change as doctors finally are forced to listen to what people have been saying for centuries about weeds medicinal properties, there's a reason it's being legalized. I feel your pain as I was rejected from getting medicated for ADHD meds recently for similar reasons (I use it for mood stabilization and chronic pain). There are more progressive doctors and I'd recommend looking around your area and considering doing online therapy.

  15. My main deck is a weird mix of water cards mainly to get kragen and other rank 4 water monsters out, I've also got kozmo, love twins, and spyral built

  16. Gonna read this whole thing when I have the spoons but thank you so much for this you're a hero

  17. That means more to me than you know. I promised to use my school research funding to investigate this topic as much as possible, and I hope I was able to deliver just a little bit of such a huge topic/problem.

  18. Was able to read all the way through and I'm honestly just dumbfounded by how much data you were able to pull to show how misdirected this whole debacle has been, thank you for your hard work!

  19. Absolute best for me was building web applications with python because you get to immediately see the changes you're making (well depending on how you run the code) plus you get to learn more about the web stack, I'd recommend trying out Django as they have pretty in depth tutorials or Tornado if you really want to build something and have full control

  20. Itch.io is best for games but if you want something different neocities is also free

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