1. I might be in the minority here but I never thought Tony B did an amazing job. He did okay but I could never convince myself that this guy was an Italian mobster

  2. He had a lotta balls to poke fun at Christopher's big nose while Tony B was sitting there looking like something out of Lord of the Rings.

  3. She's a meterialistic hypocrite, but she's in no way dumb. Especially when compared to the men on the show

  4. I'm gonna go ahead and guess you aren't old enough to remember when the Billy Bass was new on the market, because everyone EVERYONE thought that shit was hilarious.

  5. Really?? I'm 28 so yeah probably not quite old enough but I always assumed Billy Bass was something only Stunads would have enjoyed

  6. I'm a fucking idiot because I've watched that scene multiple times and never noticed the CGI until I saw it on this sub

  7. AJ also restarts the game by pressing the power button on the console instead of just pausing and restarting the game.

  8. AJ for me. I firsted watched the series as a 16 year old and thought he was just a spoiled little prick. Then when I re-watched as an adult I realised he's exactly how Tony's son should be.

  9. End of the Coma dream episode. 'MOBY - When it's cold I'd like to die' There's something so desperately sad about that moment

  10. First time I've ever been happy or given a shit that an artist has gotten a number 1 😁

  11. Same hahah. They do not get the (as my partner puts it) obsession lol. It's either that or people have no idea who he is. Tbf I'm from Australia and back in Oz he's not as popular as in the UK(though he still sells out shows). I couldn't believe how many people in Ireland like him too, ya kno, being British n all... haha

  12. Tbh I'm in the UK and no one I know is really aware of him. If you play Sheila, they'll recognise it but they won't know who's song it is. He actually has quite a small following really, particularly in under 30s. Which is a crime because to me, he's the best the UK has to offer.

  13. They should investigate all cases involving British citizens. Which they do

  14. Have you been home working throughout the pandemics? If so, what argument do they have now?

  15. Yeah i wasn't employed at that time, but they were working from home for months earlier this year. They have no argument now other than to keep saying we're frontline workers which we obviously are not

  16. You can actually do it visiting each persons house once under a few conditions. She starts at her(person 0) house with gift for person 1. Person 1 has gift for person 2. Follow this cycle 2 to 3 to 4 to 5 until person n ( last person) has the gift for her. This is not to say that this is the most distance efficient, just house visit efficient.

  17. The absolute cow in my office (that organised Secret Santa) has agreed to go to everyone's house while we're working from home (on Xmas Eve) to collect everyone's gifts and then deliver them to each person.

  18. Obviously we're different people but as someone who is quickly approaching 30, my advice is to really focus on a career that you will be gueniunley passionate about and interested in.

  19. Trainee Accountant. My bonus will be my boss very 'generously' letting us leave at 3pm on Xmas eve instead of 5pm

  20. Until i started occasionally smoking weed at the age of 26, i hated whenever i could smell weed in public.

  21. I think it's because most people would rather live in denial about their work situation because facing the crushing reality that 99% of employees are completely miserable is just too much to bear.

  22. Yeah i always saw this as a song (written from the perspective of a drug addict) trying to say goodbye to his life as a junkie. Very tongue in cheek (as someone else said)

  23. Even with endless amount of punk and metal songs out there, Elliott manages to write the two most intensely angry songs in existence with nothing but his voice and acoustic guitars. Roman Candle and Southern Belle. The sentiments are so personal and raw that we can't help but feel like we knew him without ever even meeting him.

  24. I'll always be amazed by not only by how stunning & haunting this song is in every single aspect, but also how admirable it is for him to put such a deep and revealing song as the title track of his first album. I would never be brave enough to do that

  25. Yeah in know exactly what you mean. I've been listening to Elliott for years and never paid too much attention to No Confidence Man for some reason. And then recently, i listened to it while I was outside smoking a spliff late at night the lyrics just overwhelmed me.

  26. The ending to Roman Candle is my favourite piece of music and you play it really well, good job sir

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