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  1. I think it goes on the oil level sensor if yours is equipped

  2. When you speak of boring a cylinder, doesn’t that shave off a noticeable amount of dead volume that adds to the total cylinder volume? Not that it’s a bad thing but.. is part matching a concern after a bore?

  3. And 2005 i don't think every exterior light on my colorado ever worked at the same time, the fun part was it wasnt always the same ones out as yesrerday

  4. Mid? Even a small engine will take up the entire space behind the driver! These things are tiny, you could probably touch the windshield and rear door at the same time 😂

  5. Definitely need the cross drill through the shaft. Oil comes up from the sump, through the shaft to each rocker. The plugs are there to prevent oil from coming out the ends, when it should go out the hole in the side of the shaft.

  6. I think some oil through the pushrods to the rockers. Not sure if i saw a guy talking about mopar or buick, but one of them switched part way through the run of the engine, around 70 or so. Thinking about it i think it was buick. Not really sure which OP has.

  7. Everything on the vehicle goes into the budget. We even weigh our paint cans before and after we use them to only account for the paint on the truck. We have a binder full of receipts for every part, bolt, and wire used in the build that we turn in to the judges.

  8. You know that most of the weight of paint is in the reducer and stuff that evaporates right?

  9. Awesome, love to see the BOP motors in action and getting appreciated. Not sure if you have heard of him, but “Mr. Rodders neighborhood” on YouTube has some cool videos and content on making diy performance Buick parts. Blanking on his surname, but it is Dallas something, he runs the AHRA

  10. That’s what I thinking, but honestly I’m terrified to drill into a strut to degas it before I cut off the parts I need. I’ll need to do some research because these things don’t have screws to bleed them off

  11. You can probably heat the shaft a bit till the seal fails

  12. It literally says on the side in all caps “DO NOT HEAT” lol. Wish I could shoot it with a rifle from 300 yards

  13. Yea you dont want to heat it cause itll melt the seal. I welded my office chair back together once, tried to take my time and keep it cool. Like 5 seconds after i finished it went psssh as the seal failed, darnit.

  14. I think they make one that have their own master and bypass valves that you just install inline in the rear brake line

  15. I chuckled, but it is somewhat sad on the reasoning. They were all low paid and the model of just recasting nobodies was just to keep costs down. Even if the series was popular, the casts just didn't have the star power to swing considering their stay was always short lived.

  16. Probably a cap that closes off an unused vac port on either the carb or the manifold. How does it run now? I would be half afraid to ask a shop to tune a carb these days

  17. Most likely clogged oil channel that pushes the oil up. I doubt PCV has anything to do with this.

  18. The clean side is getting ventilated better then the dirty half

  19. This is one of the reasons I posted, the plate at the rear won't allow my headers to fit.

  20. Why dont they fit? You can trim a lot off those plates and still be plenty strong, or just bore some 4" holes through the right places and run through the plates

  21. Lol. Just pull yourself up by your bootstraps and become a fascist Russian dictator.

  22. If it was a Wolf Spider, it’s the biggest I’ve EVER seen in person.

  23. They get that big in my basement, scare the bejeezus outta my wife

  24. Are you sure the 80 Buick engine isn't a Chevy small block? Around that time GM was corporatizing the engine line up and putting Chevy v8s in everything. That will definitely not be a bolt in.

  25. Haven’t done anything performance wise for a while, aren’t they still selling products?

  26. Im just going along with the whole mis spelling of edelbrock think, unless the guy actually bought it in a white box off ebay listed as elderbrock, in which case I guess im serious

  27. I'm assuming that is an overhead cam engine, in which case you need to keep the cams the same distance from the crank to keep from messing up the timing, so get headgaskets that are the same amount thicker then stock as you have removed from the block

  28. Yeah it would be more of I want to buy one that's already running and only do light modifications that wouldn't hurt the value for the bank. And it eould take me roughly 18 months to have 10k cash right now, but in 6 months that could change and it could happen then, you never know

  29. The market is also very likely to shift more in the favor of buyers in that time

  30. I'm more surprised that you would be able to acquire the Nissan one over the Subaru one lol

  31. Yea, no kidding, the reverse seems like a more sensible swap

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