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  1. If that were a Sherman irl most likely the shell holes would be from other tanks shooting at it

  2. I like how initially it said player credited with kill as an AA then it switched at the last moment to an ASU-57

  3. Would’ve been funny if it went off only to see her reaction

  4. He shouldn’t have been the head of twitter in the first place

  5. Weird I thought there would be more red dots on bae

  6. Well seems like your wife shouldn’t be your wife if she reacts like that

  7. Well because she’s a shark girl be a little scared but then ask if she wants any snacks

  8. That’s surprising because usually they like the Russian tech tree

  9. The guy is already down yet one officer runs over and starts kicking the guy in the ground

  10. It missed but the good thing is at least it didn’t lock onto your teammate

  11. This kind of seems planed because surely one of them saw you and just didn’t shoot at you

  12. was going to say exactly this; someone will come down there doing 150 and decapitate and vaporize that person.

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