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  1. It may come as a shock to you, but everyone likes Gifs, memes and rest of the fun stuff, that's literally all you see on fb/twitter/tumblr.

  2. Looks like it is a Domestic Violence support organization.

  3. Why would anyone want to support domestic violence though?

  4. Calling something a Tolkien knock-off actually feels like a positive thing really.

  5. Iyer is ahead of all them at the moment. He scored a 100 at number 4 in South Africa ODI Series

  6. Ishan has done well in whatever limited opportunities is presented to him. He should have gotten a 100 against South Africa in Ranchi

  7. Nobody with Ishan's domestic record would be anywhere near the Indian team in the first place. And Ishan got in streight into the main team.

  8. Are they about to fly in a new set of players at short notice, for the first test?

  9. Well do not be so sure. He could suprise us like Pant did, counter attacking is perfect for test cricket

  10. And he can show that in Ranji before being considered for the senior team.


  12. If he's not good enough to open for DC ahead of Shaw, how's is he hoping to open for India?

  13. Oh definitely. The entire history of smoking is an example. Ultimately the consumer wins though. My example is the trend in cities away from soda to seltzer water which is just less flavored soda.

  14. How come Pant gets out on the same bowl, in the same way EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!!

  15. Dumbfucks will again come out like KL averages 200 at 4/5 or SKY gas to play ODI and all, but Iyer at 4 makes most sense to me really.

  16. I expect India to bat for the next 3 days

  17. Ashwin is a great test match bowler, he is not a good ODI and T20 Bowler. He should aim for getting 500 test wickets for India

  18. Do you think Washington sunder is a good t20 bowler?

  19. Well, Ash also bowls in the Powerplay, has way better economy that washi, better average and more wickets in both the IPL and t20Is across like 4 times more matches.

  20. Okay so theoretically you could hook a dick and testes up to some specialized life support system and just... keep making babies?

  21. That recent VHT season was 2 years ago. In the current VHT, he averaged 31 with the bat with his only fifties being against Mizoram and Railways.

  22. This reminds me of that Ramiz Raza post from yesterday.

  23. They are not considered terrorists until they start going against the western interests.

  24. Let's just keep jamming every RCB player we can find in the team.

  25. There's a difference between playing and hitting spin, pretty sure almost all our batters can spin quite comfortably, the problem only arises when it comes to hitting spin.

  26. Interesting Stat: Ashwin has never played a test match against india and Lyon has never played a test match against Australia.

  27. India has never picked Ash on Indian tours even though we all know he'll massacre Indian batters.

  28. IPL is definitely the best thing that has happened to Indian cricket. It has given Indian team a solid pool of players, something we always struggled to have and it has made cricket a legitimate a career for many who will never make it to the Indian cricket team. We keep struggling in the ICT tournaments due to poor team selection and player performances on big occasions. IPL is just an easy target.

  29. Indian cricket is much much bigger than just the men's Indian team.

  30. More like because of our top order approach of accumulation. It's great for consistency and steady 250-300 scores, not so great for surprise high scores.

  31. Kohli shouting bhag Pant BC bhag would be glorious, NGL

  32. I have always wondered about how many matches or series a youngster should be given by the BCCI to decide if he is worth it or not especially in a team like India where competition is too damn high.

  33. Would he have said the same without GT's trophy this season? He was ridiculed with his stints at RCB.

  34. How much power do you think a guy like Ashish Nehra the bowling coach must have had in Kohli's RCB?

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