1. I was able to buy in Birch Bay with a zero-down usda loan. It's for "rural" areas, but unless things have changed, they consider anything outside of Bellingham city limits to be rural. Staying in Bellingham proper is hard, but there are great homes in outlying areas, so even though your commute might be longer, it's worth checking out. And the further you get from Bellingham, the cheaper the houses are

  2. That’s what I did when ready to move back. We looked in the county and found lots of choices that fit FHA/USDA loans. There are also down payment assistance programs so out of pocket we bought a home for $5000. There are options but you essentially sacrifice bellingham and priced out of Ferndale.

  3. Well seeing as my main goal is to have a comfortable life with her, going without seeing her ever because of my nocturnal schedule would be counter-productive

  4. If your GF isn’t willing to stick with you while you work overnights then there’s a problem.

  5. She's willing to stick with me I just worry how our relationship would turn out if we never saw each other especially as we're both busy on weekends.

  6. Baby steps. Just start with seeing what kids of jobs are in your area (like the ones I or others listed) and go from there.

  7. I tried bowling for the first time and it was great. There are leagues at all the lanes, or just go on your own time. It’s worth it to buy your own ball and have it custom drilled, makes the game so much more consistent.

  8. I’m up in bellingham. Now looking at Amtrak tickets to get to the opposite side lol. Amazing!

  9. Thank you everyone for your comments it seems that I owe his mother an apology I had initially thought that it was a height and weight thing and I’m probably gonna hear about this for the next few years but at least my child is safe

  10. Make sure kiddo hasn’t outgrown the individual limits of that specific booster. If has or close there are other options for bigger kids to keep them safe :)

  11. On one income with that family size do you qualify for daycare assistance? If so you could look at getting the little ones into daycare and getting daytime hours for work. Lots of places will let you be more physical or mentally challenging.

  12. So you've got 5 days, which I assume means you've got hotel accommodations nearby,

  13. I think it will be 3 at Disney and 1 at Universal. But yes! We are nearby so taking breaks will be my thing to do. Unfortunately this gets labeled by family as “she doesn’t like us” which isn’t fair… it’s been 10 years, if I truly didn’t want to be around them at all I would have left a long time ago.

  14. You just talk to your husband and tell him how you feel, I would be very annoyed.

  15. Sounds like leash frustration. My dog is like this too: does fine offleash (though sometimes is overexcited when greeting) but struggles to calmly walk past other dogs when leashed.

  16. Thank you. I think the hardest thing is I don’t have a friend with a dog to practice but gives me an excuse to talk to a few neighbors and see if they would help. I’m sure the “regulars” I see would like walk without my dogs bothering them also. We’re not the only ones in the neighborhood who have this issue so maybe we can all help each other!

  17. I have a pyramid path I ordered off Amazon and had drilled locally. Toms of colors and patterns. I’m just a casual straight bowler who’s happy to hit any pins! Good fit for me.

  18. So a two month old baby is getting an 8oz bottle that’s only 25% formula? That’s wild

  19. Work in the schools. Even part time, nearly all districts struggle for subs/staff. Often the pay isn’t great but if you run the numbers of working more hours but paying for daycare, you may come out ahead to take the lower pay.

  20. Where I’m at you’d qualify to be an emergency substitute teacher with a copy of your degree and a cleared background check. With covid regulations pulled back the emergency sub use isn’t as common but with that set up my school would… get you cleared, put you on a list, you get an automated phone call at 6am with a list of openings and “press 1 to confirm this shift” sort of deal. Very flexible.

  21. Something small and fluffy with a pit? Sounds like the ultimate oops-litter but all too common. What’s her coat feel like?

  22. I’ve been in Whatcom county off and on since 2010 but grew up in yakima wa. In no order my memories…

  23. Go see the beach at the Long Beach peninsula

  24. All the tacky tourist activities at Long Beach. This is the cornerstone of my childhood summers.

  25. Host a Date and Paint class, owned by a Ferndale local. The event in winter at the Ferndale Event Center was PACKED so the community definitely seems interested.

  26. Husky, Cattle Dog…. maybe German Shepherd too, but can’t tell right now.

  27. I walk/run everyday barefoot so that’s obviously my recommendation. I go unshod, but think minimalist shoes are still better than traditional shoes. I tried them when I had chronic pain and it went away for a couple months until I said f*** it and went barefoot. That was like a year ago. I have a 5k this weekend, wish me luck! Gonna be near freezing and I will definitely stand out.

  28. The videos/info I’ve been finding on barefoot or anatomically-correct shoes is really blowing my mind. Here I am thinking my feet are just stupid but it’s shoes that are stupid lol.

  29. The USDA organizes the world into Zones and there is lots of info online for when to plant what in that zone.

  30. Oh wow. After the first couple pics, I thought looks like a pit. Then I saw the rest of the pics and thought, never mind, looks like a Dutch Shepherd. And I was right both times! 😂

  31. Same! I’m not surprised it’s a pit mix… oh wait yes I am, because it’s not!

  32. I’ll add in a comment here that I guess I forgot in the original post.

  33. I think no one is taking into account her special circumstances. Because yeah… I read all this and immediately thought the OB was “old school” aka 1970s era, and not into breastfeeding. But every situation is unique and cannot blanket statement.

  34. My husband thought tumbleweeds were a made up thing in cowboy shows. He was SHOCKED when a 3ft tall pointy one slowly rolled in front of our car driving in Yakima outskirts. I was showing him my hometown!

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