1. För att han inte fatta att du bara ville flasha med att du har gott om cash?

  2. What is the stat with out the Liverpool and Brentford games?

  3. I literally did not write those rules. I just want rules to be applied equally. You still haven’t read it, have you?

  4. No, Bruno's by definition would be red lol. If you don't understand the text, that's not my problem lol. peace g

  5. If you find the whole clip of Bruno aggressive in any way. You must see red cards in every tackle there is.

  6. Dude Ibra is notoriously bad at penalties. It's understandable to expect another person to take it.

  7. Dude 84% conversion rate with the amount of pens Ibra has taken is so far away from notoriously bad that it's hilarious. He is a great pen taker and that is just facts.

  8. The fact that he slipped is not even relevant since he won the ball and then got kicked when down. There isnt even a foul at all.

  9. That is s ridiculous yellow card. How the fuck did he manage that? If anything its a free kick for us. And that would still be soft.

  10. When you’re talking about someone’s height. You’re telling me you say someone is meters tall instead of foot? Probably not right

  11. The majority of the world would just say 1.98 and not care to add meters. Its understood. You must know most people use the far more logical metric system.. right?

  12. The amount of people listing up to five player and not mentioning Bruno is too damn high. No Bruno no creativity.

  13. Why is Martinez off, do we know?

  14. Yellow card and a 201 cm striker in for Southampton might have something to do with it.

  15. Four minutes added time is a fucking joke. They truly cant do a thing right today.

  16. It was an insane game. A freaky result. xG of just over 2 and managing to score 7 is not normal. They are still shit.

  17. Can confirm, dog parks are where dogs go to learn other dogs' shitty behaviors. If you live in a state with any sort of decent public land, or have access to private land, most dogs will be much better off by themselves there.

  18. That sucks. I dont live in the US and here dog parks are where we go to let our dogs play with other dogs.

  19. Just an FYI from a behavioral standpoint it's not the best idea to have a dog on a leash in a dog park. This can create issues with barrier reactivity, dogs don't often like being restrained/constricted while there are a bunch of other dogs that they don't know all running freely around them. Leash reactivity (aka a dog having issues only while on a leash) is way more common and easy to 'create' than you might think.

  20. Im aware... But it is still the way its done around dog parks here. And im sure there are instances where two dogs might have worked out if they only could have feel out period of the leash.

  21. Almost twice the xG this game compared to Liverpools at the weekend. Football is strange.

  22. Antony been around for half a season. This match thread is full of people calling him a waste of money, and not good enough. Give him a minute god damn it.

  23. And the guy just turned 23.

  24. Man all the super negative dicks really came out of hiding after the weekend. Been a decent tone for a few weeks but now the hyperbole negative tards are back in full force.

  25. Fuck those stupid and boring Champions League games. When is the next Liverpool - United derby?

  26. Same score as in the Liverpool-United game 37 minutes in. This game is way more entertaining so far.

  27. It was such a freak game. The xG is ridiculous. Everything just went Liverpools way.

  28. Insane game. Liverpool scoring 7 goals with and xG of 2.5 or something. 8 shots on goal.

  29. Not on a straight away. It cannot do under 10 seconds for a 1/4 mile. They’re quick around corners and on a bendy track a 911 would smoke everything. But if there are straight aways it won’t matter.

  30. The Porsche 911 Turbo S in just a standard Carwow 1/4 mile did it in 10.1.. it is certainly capable of just under 10 seconds.

  31. The 10 second 1/4 is from porche themselves lol. A super car does under 10 seconds no problem that’s why on a straight away they’d leave the car in the dust. It isn’t the 911 isn’t fast. it’s super cars are faster please go be offended about other things it’s a car ffs.

  32. Should have included his dreadful positioning at times. Particularly that degea 1v1 where instead of providing lindelof any cover or stepping up and playing Antonio offside he just kind of flipped his hips

  33. Or his complete lack of pressing for their goal. But why highlight that? He had an overall decent game. Exactly what we need for a squad player.

  34. Should be a one second check. He is off.

  35. My Ex-girlfriend that was above my league and naturally her friends where aswell, said one day that all men cheat. Just because most of her hot friends did and they assumed their boyfriends did aswell.

  36. Im i blind or whats up in this thread.. Tommy won that, right?

  37. Klopp is known for his ability to rebuild a squad. Just look what he did at Mainz and Dortmund after seven years in those clubs.

  38. The 30% of refs who give it are right. Glad this ref is one of them.

  39. Lets agree to disagree. It's soft as fuck. Cause its a dive. There is not a pull even close to causing one to lose balance.

  40. So if a player is through on an empty net inside the box, and gets grabbed by their arm to keep them from reaching the ball but not enough to make them fall, in your opinion that wouldn't be a penalty because the interference wasn't enough to make them fall down?

  41. Im saying there isnt enough of a grab to pull a leaf of a tree.

  42. Ref waiting to see if Barcelona scores before giving Lisandro the foul.

  43. How the fuck can Xavi have anything to complain about.

  44. That was soft but Bruno was very stupid there. If it was Fred this sub would be more vociferous as well

  45. Even if it was Fred. I would be livid. It's not a pen.

  46. Fred cant play without Casemiro beside him. Had a great game against Barcelona and now back to being the most frustrating version of himself.

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