1. 10 shots yes. But i would go for the 8 shots with a major or boss spec mod

  2. Are you saying the damage from Boss spec outweighs the benefit of the extra shots even with vorpal?

  3. First as is but if you changed the shader imo second would.

  4. What level was your vigor at by the end of your playthrough? Trying to figure out stat allocation for my point starved build lol

  5. I will always recommend 60 for endgame, at least 50, the damage scales up radically towards the end of the game.

  6. Seeing as you're not a guardian, you are immediately electrocuted and burnt upon striking something.

  7. All three of those acts are literally predicated on violence.

  8. They’re called Abnormal Stone Clusters on the wiki, however I’ve also heard them referred to as “Lookout Stones” and “Alivestones”. It’s likely that they maintain the illusory interior of the evergaols and make sure that the prisoners remain inside. Should the prisoners escape somehow, the stones could just fling themselves at them like they do in-game. Kinda hard to escape when you have living stones exploding and flinging themselves at you.

  9. We fr gonna sit there and pretend these things would do literally anything to people like Vyke?

  10. Why does one of them look like a fucking knife?

  11. I’m fucking old. It took me a minute to realize SHYLY isn’t an abbreviation or an acronym. Then of course I had to watch a video to understand the differences between the two. I need a nap and some cream for my ailments. Also this took me 5 minutes to type with these hotdog thumbs. Thanks kids. Nighty night.

  12. Wanna see something? Rock and stone brother!

  13. You turned other people into bots, so I guess thag counts for something?

  14. Maybe, the DRG community is really something else

  15. Yeah I've heard good things, it's just one of those games I've never really set aside the time to try out.

  16. if you cared, you can easily look up the statistics on police-black encounters and see that if you are respectful to the cop, you will be apart of the 35 million people who have survived a police encounter!

  17. Statistics aren't always indicitive of the nuances of reality.

  18. I just don't get the whole, "Hands on my head because everything blows my mind" reactions. First shot they miss and it's like a totally reasonable miss and they're acting like it's something they've never even considered as a possibility in this realm.

  19. They're exaggerating to bring up the energy of the place they're in.

  20. You're a tough SOB taking that the way you did.

  21. Not op but IMO it's indicative of a sad state of affairs when a lot of the least trusted people seem to be a lot more powerful than the most trusted.

  22. It's made by Yatus so it shouldnt be accepted

  23. Wait why? Did Yatus do something fucked up?

  24. That's wild, I'll have to look more into that, not to say I don't trust random internet text posts but, well, I don't.

  25. Or the one where the vault computer threatened to kill them all if they didn't sacrifice a person every year, and only congratulated them after they refused when there were 5 people left?

  26. Wasn't that originally going to be the main characters backstory for New Vegas?

  27. I already made one using wisp but I won't be able to share until I get home in a few hours.

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