1. Have you tried stowing the dish, then powering down for a few mins before powering it back up? This forces on the dish to re orient and may resolve your issue.

  2. I've tried that several times after they made the dish point to 330* (about 40* more westward) and it makes no difference; it goes right back to pointing at the line of trees I have along the west of my house, instead of pointing north/northeast like it did initially. And yes, I am on the west coast (about 90 miles inland).

  3. State police, DHS/et. al., US military, would worry me a lot more.

  4. I would hope that you are correct about the % of people who would stand fast. The State Police, in Illinois started knocking on doors today, to confiscate two “Assault Weapons” from a private citizen. Apparently, the “offender” purchased them from a LGS, after Governor Prickster had signed the Unconstitutional & illegal law into effect.

  5. I have also found this to be true. I have zero obstructions however, after a firmware update it will show <.1 obstructions for the next 24-36 hours. AFTER this nothing until the next update. I think the <.1 “obstructions are really “network issues” (satellite handoff).

  6. I have significant obstructions - surrounded by 100-150' trees. But I have 99.99% connectivty with only 3-4 minutes total of obstructed events every 12 hours, plus I am getting 150-200mbps during the day on weekdays.

  7. Home Depot has buckets for under $4 ea and lids for $1.4 - at least mine did/does.

  8. I have a large/heavy Stihl and small light Echo chainsaw - I would take the latter with me, but eventually I want to get one of the small battery powered Stihl saws.

  9. I don't know if they are still as bad as they were last time I read about them, but the main reason you won't see Chinese cars in the USA is their performance in crash tests.

  10. Not going on "hate" - I have a LOT of other stuff that is made in China. I am going on old info about their crash worthiness.

  11. How many ah is it? Doesn’t seem to say anywhere

  12. watt hours is what counts, but if you want amp hours, divide watt hours by voltage

  13. I've read the brace ruling where they referred to "pistol grip shotguns" as the nomenclature for Shockwaves/etc. and asserted that putting a brace on these as making a SBS from them, and therefore saying they are not legal if not registered via the NFA as a SBS.

  14. Can't have anybody not being dependent on the state.

  15. 3D printed knife. One and done, lose it, break it, get it confiscated? Go print a few more.

  16. Or chip/grind a stone knife/axe. Or carve a wooden knife/spear - even a child can do that.

  17. Obsidian - twice as sharp as steel and 100 times more fragile

  18. Food I probably would not share long term, for a storm that is short term (less than a week or two), I might. But I live very rural, and my neighbors are generally prepared as that is pretty much a requirement.

  19. With any SL system, RV or Residential or HP, etc. - speed is going to depend mostly (almost solely) on how many local users are in the area around where you are, how much they use their systems and at what time/day of the week you are running a speed test.

  20. That's fair, I found it odd that they stated max of 50mbps when most screenshots I've seen had been 100-150+. Why wouldn't they state 5-200 or something?

  21. I am planning to sell my property this year and buy/build new later.

  22. I am using my R2M solely to power my Starlink system (I have an LED lamp plugged into it too - but I don't have it turned on 99.9% of the time). Most of the time the power draw is less than 50W, but sometimes it goes above that.

  23. Don't put your hand over the end of the barrel of any gun - loaded or not.

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