Man saves bicyclist’s dog, with CPR

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Trying to get antidepressants so I can function normally. Everything I make goes to rent, and I can’t afford to move, and make 13 an hour while working 40+ hours and taking on double shifts. This is the “discounted” price of my meds. How tf is this discounted?

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  1. Im dyslexic and initially I'd say it's harder. But the method my brain learned to read was basically rote memorization of a whole word (front letter back letter and filler letters blend together most accurately) and specific texts types are easier to read than others. Id have to read with this style for a while to see if there are benefits because it changes the way my brain reads the words.

  2. Wait... how exactly does this work? If you had your baby in a hospital then they know damn well you did- it's got a social security number, records, and if you baby just disappears they're going to what? just be okay with that?

  3. These are often attached to fire departments. This has nothing to do with religion. It's not like the child goes missing. It literally goes into safe hands immediately. And it keeps the parent anonymous, and reduces the rates of infant and child deaths due to abandonment.

  4. We’re not all bad. I’m republican. I’m pro choice. I agree with the baby drop boxes so babies arnt thrown into dumpsters suffocating in a garbage bag. (Yes I know this still happens.) Baby drop boxes are a great and safe thing to have. Ex: young girl gets pregnant in foster care or a home where no one really gives a shit but she can’t take care of a child, and the homelife is unsafe for a baby. She can drop the baby in the box anonymously no questions asked.

  5. My dad used to be a firefighter and they had anonymous drop spots for unwanted children. In some states the legal age limit is up to 3. These anonymous drop spots are literally life saving and should always be in effect no matter the law of the land. I am pro choice but, like you've listed, there are still circumstances where the baby is carried to term and is unwanted. And plenty of circumstances where the anonymity of the parent is important.

  6. There is a ton of hate on here for the cyclist. It’s too hot, why is the dog running with a bike, should have had water. There is certainly some explaining to do on their part, but there are a couple of important points here:

  7. I also saw a bunch of comments about the equipment.

  8. I like my chiropractor. He's very careful and I've worked with him and my doctor to find the root of some of my pain. If something doesn't sound right he sends me to the doctor instead of trying to do something blindly. I had no idea so many chiropractors feed their clients these homeopathic lies. A good chiropractor will be thorough and will only talk about adjustments. I've never been told any pseudoscience bs.

  9. Actually being a mother is shamed by feminists. You're only a woman if youre basically doing what a man does, real penis envy energy with them.

  10. Intersectional feminism is absolutely not about that. You are misinformation, or following groups that falsely claim they are feminists when they are actually extremists, like TURFs.

  11. Oh look another identity group lol. The left eats their own daily

  12. It's actually a really bad idea to have communal water bowls for dogs. They can pass diseases to eachother, including mouth herpes. And it's a bad idea in general to take water or food from strangers. There are psychos out there that will intentionally poison them.

  13. Honestly this is really up to individual families and the couples themselves that decide these things. It's not anybody else business. It's not less or more progressive. It's just what works for that family. And any person who is a full time parent and/or homemaker does have a full time job. There is no clocking out, or taking a vacation. If money is secure and solid, who cares as long as everyone in the relationship is happy and having their needs met.

  14. Look at others who are older and have various body shapes and mentally remark on how beautiful they are. I find distancing myself and looking outward helps me come back to myself and tell myself I must be worthy and beautiful if I find others like me to be.

  15. Yeah thats why they want to make our government Christian centric and outlaw anything they don't agree with.

  16. It's only weird because society made it weird. Don't be phobic. There is nothing wrong with this.

  17. I try to use people instead of specifically women. "Uterus havers" ultimately also has its own problems because cis women who have had hysterectomies are not any less of a woman, similarly those who cannot convince are no less of a woman and are still part of the conversation. This is an attack on health care just as much as it is on bodily autonomy.

  18. No one is denying it. In fact, with that attitude I bet they are black listed at several places. They will in fact not forget you.

  19. Lol yeah and I have crippling mental illness and zero desire to reproduce.

  20. The real question though. Does this post count as mildly infuriating?

  21. Body shaming is everywhere. Hell we (Americans) idolize models and actors that have eating disorders and go to any lengths to modify their body to fit an arbitrary beauty standard. I see skinny shaming just as much as fat shaming and there is absolutely no one, especially women, who are safe from this. Its disgusting and deeply inbeded into our culture. Massive amounts of money are made on diet culture and its so convoluted that its seeped into our medical system. I've literally had misinformation given to me from doctors lecturing me about my weight based on out dated and diet culture generated ideas.

  22. In the long term it's best to shut people down immediately when they are trying to sell you something or asking for donations. They are everywhere and a lot of them are scams. I know hindsight is 20/20 but its a good reflexive skill to have. Say "no" firmly before they even finish their sentence. If you want to donate to specific cause, there are a lot of charities you can find online through legitimate sites. Anyone off the street has the potential to be a scam.

  23. What you spend in extra heating is what you save in travel costs. People always break down the numbers with gas prices. I know they are using busing costs but not everyone can bus or use a train. Gas prices and car maintenance is a thing. In addition, there is also the cost of time to travel. WFH means you get up and travel to... your home office to start work. And when your done... your already home. If you have kids that means that extra hour of travel time can go to spending time with family. Or just in general that time traveling is just extra time you got back in your life. There is more than just the money aspect. Time is valuable and ultimately you cant put a price on quality down time. Everyone needs it. Id much rather have a higher energy bill and more time to myself.

  24. I've done a lot of work to choose who is in my life and who isn't and it has led to a big reduction in social anxiety. The majority of people I spend time with know me, know I'm blunt and weird and are willing to say something if what I say is odd or hurtful and then we can discuss. It's not perfect. I still ruminate over conversations and regularly have to check in with people. But I will say the people who are willing to communicate with you make social situations a lot easier. I definitely can relate to this, especially when I had more people in my life that operated on passive aggression and unspoken rules.

  25. So I experience something similar almost daily and it happens when I'm in stressful/social situations and I am actually dissociating when it happens. I'm not sure if its the same thing but everything feels kind of hazy and bright and I get this floaty out of body feeling, or kind of like that feeling where your watching a movie or playing a video game and you know your watching a screen and not actually there.

  26. Theres the fact that feminists are deamonized. There are most definitely whole groups of men who shout very loudly about it. But there are also groups going around saying they are feminists (TERFs) when they aren't.

  27. My dog is on Prozac and it costs $30 for a months supply. This is insane.

  28. AOC takes so much sexist, racist bullshit every single day holding that office. She is a champion to me. She stands up for her convictions and stands up for the people she represents, and stands up for every single woman who has every been discriminated against or harassed. There are few people I look to but I'm always willing to pause and listen to what she has to say. She's exactly the kind of representation I want to see in government.

  29. Maybe it's because I'm autistic, but I can't stand when people expect me to infer and know things. Im direct, I expect others to be direct with me. If you can't be direct, how can we communicate. Just say what you mean. Just say what you need to ask. I swear there is this dance with some people where they just skirt around the direct answer and I'm supposed to know that their hyming and hawing is supposed to mean no. And when I get direct with the same people who can't be direct they get really upset with me for being direct. Like how dare I ask them directly for a yes or no answer.

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