1. check if you maybe deleted the obbs for it bc they are required for it to boot properly

  2. ⚠️RULES⚠️: 1 submission per person. Do NOT repost anywhere. If you use my art, credit me as the artist. ok that was the rules. Submit color code, cosmetics, and (optional) background, and pose.

  3. just do a pink color, russian hat (og), icecicle, turkey leg, mountain badge, and a pose flipping someone off

  4. i have a broken 2ds xl and it is about to be sent in to repair so it will take from 2-3 weeks to get it back meaning i can’t install anything from the eshop :( well hsho- knock knock knock FBI OPEN UP!!!!

  5. Just use the hSho- knock knock knock FFI OPEN UP door slams open gunfire

  6. I think Rec Room's requirements are for just it's PC version.

  7. ok so vrchat runs perfectly fine on my intel iris xe and it requires at least a gtx 970 or higher

  8. Those are the initial specs for the Rift that have probably never been edited/updated

  9. my 2ds xl just refused to open any apps last year so it was done for and i couldn’t open it up :(

  10. MegaHack is better, I used MegaHack v7 on my friends laptop but I don’t own an actually copy of it. I’m hoping to get one soon!

  11. ah, i remember when i was scared to play roblox today for no fucking reason

  12. if you laptop can run bonelab, just download the oculus pc app and connect your headset and since you bought bonelab on quest 2, you will have it on oculus pcvr so then just download bonelab and melonloader, then go through the process of the fusion download, then use airlink and you should be good to go (hope this works)

  13. bro mine just don’t work anymore and i can’t factory reset bc settings won’t open

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