I almost had a heart attack

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  1. Because they are not relevant at the moment. May the Clinton's burn in hell. Fuck you though. You're a asshole.

  2. No, you’re all willfully ignoring them by posting this one picture 10 times a day. Is there a single post on this sub dedicated to going after anyone besides Andrew, Elon, or Trump for their connection to Epstein?

  3. No but I had small red bumps from roaches, I no longer have them now. The roaches also made me sick and susceptible to diseases.

  4. Sounds like you guys had bed bugs too. You typically don't see them. They bite you usually in a line leaving red itchy bumps.

  5. Now I can't stop dubbing over who let the dogs out with who left the stove on...

  6. Imagine how sad your life is and out of touch you are with reality that you think something like this is cool.

  7. As if women in western countries have never worn a gown on an escalator before.

  8. Her actions said it. Just because you don’t care to acknowledge it doesn’t mean it’s not taking place.

  9. I kinda want a Dark Brandon shirt too. Laser eyes and all.

  10. Fuck you... You're a sad human... Does it make you feel good to be an asshole online?

  11. nah they made an open world happy potter game, but no owls

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