I've been working on this since July and finally finished it! A:TLA, art nouveau style! I hope you guys like it, this is one of my favorite shows ever! (IG: @jennanoelleart)

C'est magnifique

I'm genuinely flabbergasted.

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  1. Starbucks, i swear i can get a medium caramel machiato for like 8 dollars. Like i get alot of people go and it tastes somewhat decent but geez no need to put me into debt trying to feel something.

  2. I had my first this year (im 13) while doing squats and it absolutely sucked so i feel your pain

  3. Absolutely! Its the worst feeling thats not an injury

  4. Speaking of the devil, i was in the gym and got one like 12 minutes ago /:

  5. For sure, it’s just incredibly rare that I find an album from a band in which I like ALL of the songs from. What’s your favorite song from Stranger Heads Prevail?

  6. Has to be arsonists handbook bye far what abt you?

  7. Love it, that’s a tough question though, I’d have to say A Wolf in Cheap Clothing

  8. A wolf in cheap clothing is defo a very close second for me.

  9. On a scale of quiet to loud id say deafening, personally i dont bring earplugs and i probably should because they get pretty loud and i sometimes lose a bit of hearing for an hour or so.

  10. Well what ive recognized from each of these albums is that they each follow a set theme

  11. To each individual band member: What are yalls thoughts on young audiences?

  12. when the band was invited to the laboratory where they created aids and they all said it in unison in jest

  13. Yeah that's what my stepdad said but im not 110% sure

  14. I’m pretty sure it’s from them. If not, I have no clue lol

  15. Me and my aunt showed up about maybe 10 or 15 minutes early for our spots and for the merch line. But unless you wanna be partislly deaf for the next 5 hours i would get away from the speakers.

  16. Or invest in good hearing pro. Etymotics, Eargasm, etc.

  17. Well it was worth those 5 hours of partial deafness cuz i mean its tys.

  18. Im on the way to the one in san antonio and im hopin to get a picture and or an autograph

  19. I loved how people went nuts without TP a couole years ago. Apparently people are incapable of paying $5 for 12 cheap wash cloths. Keep your poop wrags seperate and you'll never be unclean again.

  20. You sound like youre speaking from experience

  21. The last tour I believed they did have their guitar books for sale.

  22. I think its a good song but not really on my top list of TYS songs

  23. Worst part is nobody other than my girlfriend knows about this band and she says its MID

  24. On our upcoming tour we will have really nice tour posters plus album art prints :)

  25. I agreed with this sentiment prior to Terraformers release, now it's really tough between the two of them.

  26. im my opinion Terraformers isnt the best but i havent listened to parils of time travel yet so there might be a change

  27. Maps is a great album. Youngest and I used to listen to it on the way home from swim practice. Her fave was Feed the Horses.

  28. Feed the Horses is by far the best song ive listened to by far

  29. This reminds me of the planet that is Saturn but on steroids

  30. Did u guys know probably one of the reason atla directors had azula use blue fire is because azul is blue in spanish

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