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  1. I think that resize might help,but I'm scared.Im almost max height and taller would be giant.

  2. If you're almost max height I don't think it will let you get any taller without first becoming shorter.

  3. I love Animal Crossing but excluding memory of my favourite character from the UK and the music shop and water flowers and fences and gates of heaven and earth people can't wait to see the spirits.

  4. Thatskyshop is selling them and they're so cute! They have thermodynamic paint so when you hug it the eye goes from red to blue!

  5. whatt??! i didnt know about the eyes, that is honestly so coolll😭😭now i want one even more😔❤️

  6. I hate that my brain took as long as it did to perceive an error.

  7. It should get removed after 14 days of inactivity Also give it some time to update

  8. Understood! Thank you so much! I'm new to this sort of thing haha.

  9. Steven... All Krills are simply named Steven.

  10. Oh believe me I know my Elder of the Valley pin came 9 months after pre-order! That's long enough to develop a new human being.

  11. Krill-joy: The krill either gives you joy, or it err... it's a k(r)illjoy :P

  12. Hahaha okay that's genius! It will most definitely be the former no matter what!

  13. The fact that your skykid didnt even fall, lose WL or even flinch.

  14. 'ts just what happens when you get pummeled to death by rocks every Sunday!

  15. That’s so funny man, yeah I was definitely trying to do a funny about Dawson’s Creek lol. So is your mom also from the UK and just happened to get into it? I remember it was a somewhat popular show when it aired from like 98/99-2004 in the states, but definitely not top tier so I wasn’t sure how much it was exported to other countries, y’all would likely be the first one though.

  16. My mom is actually the only person in my house who isn't from the UK haha, she's from the Philippines, but she watched it around that time in the UK yeah!

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