1. I remember cutting them out back when I attended elementary school.

  2. It's the same post and the same title and has been posted numerous times.

  3. OP definitely sounds like a conspiracy theorist.

  4. Switzerland is not a morally good place, their neutrality helped aid nazism and most recently russian aggression in ukraine, being neutral is picking a side and it is often the bad side, a bad enough side that should make revolution in the country necessary. In conclusion abolish Switzerland.

  5. That last sentence came out of nowhere.

  6. Women's suffrage was also decided by the popular vote in Switzerland, in 1971. 1/3 of the voters voted against it.

  7. His parents had dinner with the Bush family the week before the assassination.

  8. "They hate me because I have children. I was distracted because I have children. My children comforted me. Did I mention that I have children? Children."

  9. It's every sentence, practically. Wow.

  10. Ellefson is also a child groomer, if you defend that, you’re just gross

  11. She wasn't a "child", she was an adult at the time.

  12. Glad Billy turned out okay but that would have been a huge loss not having Ahhnold.

  13. Are you just spamming this all over the subreddit?

  14. You could have linked that instead.

  15. I wonder what some of the other answers were.

  16. Still amazed that people are still Learning things

  17. That's the point of the subreddit.

  18. Ignore this comment. Triumph of the Will is one of the most important documentaries of the 20th century. It clearly shows the terrifying power of cinema to persuade. She is a great artist who used her incredible talent to serve an even more incredible evil.

  19. Isn't this common knowledge? I mean very common knowledge, like something most 12 year olds know?

  20. Wasn't this posted earlier today or yesterday?

  21. That sounds like a bunch of bankers scapegoating some kids.

  22. I'm not sure if that's funny or chilling.

  23. I stand very much corrected. And now I'm wondering what I typed in when I searched for it earlier.

  24. I'm surprised how often there are words that actually exist.

  25. The top fell off. That’s not very typical, I’d like to make that point.

  26. This isn't really the right subreddit.

  27. There was a gig in 1985 where they played an early version of it.

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