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  1. Eleven is a nice gaming YouTuber. There's also Marvec that does LoL lore videos if you're into that. I don't really watch polish YouTube other than that lol

  2. I'd love to have a whole plant like that. Shame it's pretty much impossible

  3. It's only one leaf, I'd not worry about it. That's what Birkins do. I got mine at the end of February and her first leaf was split fown the on one half. All following leaves have been varying amounts of green and white. What kind of light do you have yours in? Mine is in a West window with a sheer curtain.

  4. It's in a southern window with no screens or curtains, so it gets a good few hours of direct sunlight which it seems to like. Kinda.

  5. Lots of food, lots of vodka, lots of dancing, sometimes silly games. It might end pretty late, like 4 a.m. and sometimes it lasts two days, the 2nd day is "poprawiny" but it's more chill, mainly eating and drinking leftover stuff

  6. I've been to some that ended at 6am, then after a quick nap everyone was up and ready for the poprawiny at 8am (i guess you could call it the afterparty?)

  7. The tips here are great, but just don't get your hopes up too high with that fern haha. I don't know a single person who managed to keep it alive for more than a few months. No matter how much you shower it with love, there's always a good reason for it to throw a fit and just die. Good luck anyway, I hope you'll have more success with it than me and my plant friends haha

  8. Honestly, same. Maybe it's just because it's fast? Sometimes corporates don't really understand memes

  9. Looks like sun damage to me. How much direct sun does it get during the day? Also have you recently moved it?

  10. That makes sense - baby leaves are sensitive! It looks just like the sun damage on my philo too. I would definitely lean towards sun damage as the reason but maybe give it a cheeky fertlize too just to be safe :)

  11. It's completely flat. Don't wory, I'm pretty sure it's just sunburn

  12. Monstera adansonii are very heavy feeders. This may be a nutrient deficiency. It's definitely not Mosaic virus. I recommend using a liquid fertilizer diluted twice as much as the directions state at least once a month. Good luck!

  13. Pyzy with some skwarki. And of there's meat inside it's kartacze

  14. Ovulation happens more or less in the middle between periods. Ask your gf when her's should be. But i guess the best way to find out is to wait. Keep in mind her period could be late if she's stressing out too much

  15. Glad to see maindehairs that look just like mine! :)

  16. Mine already gave up haha! Honestly, I don't know a single person who managed to keep it happy hahaha

  17. I'm pretty sure mumbo jumbo does this (Minecraft YouTuber). Do you also press spacebar with your pinky?

  18. thank you! how do you care for them? and how could i encourage more pink leaves?

  19. The more light you give it, the more white it gives you. Although the leaves that are fully green may not give you any more variegation. You can cut them off and make a full green pot, they propagate super quick and easy (source: I have one too lol)

  20. Get one of those window lounges. They use suction cups to attach to the window. My cat loved it

  21. I wanted to say that too lol

  22. Currently 19, started playing at around 14 and my best is still 30 days...

  23. Sometimes you've got to learn to love them 🤷 I was on the verge of throwing mine out the window but I decided to give it a cut instead and I feel better about it now. But I definitely know what you're talking about lmao

  24. Mine does alright in a bright northern window, but that's not enough during winter, so west/east would be great if you've got that. They'll grow with not enough light, but will drop a lot of leaves whenever you try to move them. So if it doesn't drop them, light is likely not the issue. I'm betting on water. I found it doesn't give a crap about drying out, but staying wet for too long is not a good feeling for those. Maybe try to water less often and see if that helps?

  25. • Plenty of light but not direct sun • Top water until runs through drainage holes, throw away excess after 10m & wait for top soil to dry before next watering • Do not mist/ spray the leaves • High humidity is preferable although it will adapt to other conditions • Well draining soil, plenty of orchid bark, vermiculite, • If you want to be extra + coco coir, worm castings & activated charcoal • They do well in the nursery pots as they have good drainage • Alocasia shouldn't need staking/ support, if the stems are dropping there's probably too much water on board • No problem for the outermost leaf to start to fade off, Alocasia can have many leaves but in houseplants they often only have 2-4 unless the error system is worked on. If the younger ones leaf is doing of then something is amiss, check for pests, water imbalance, roots etc

  26. Thank you, that's a lot of good info! It used to have 4 leaves but two have already dried off at the store, so we're back to 2 (plus one on the way). I always check for pests as soon as I see a plant at the store, can't risk binging home an infestation lol

  27. To the people that say keep alocasias moist: wtf are you talking about 🗣

  28. Good thing I have a tendency to let my plants dry out a bit accidentally haha! My house is naturally around 60-70% humidity, so maybe not the most perfect but it's not bad either

  29. Beeatrice. She reminds me of a wasp queen

  30. Used to be art but I don't have that anymore, so I guess English? (As a second language) Just because I can fuck off and do nothing for 45 minutes since I'm already fluent

  31. Wait... Than who makes the memes?!

  32. Is crying SH for endermen?

  33. Why wouldn't you want to be on a roof in the middle of the night? I'm totally vining with this woman. I wish I was there with her

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