1. Super Sentai could work a lot. They have both giant and small fighting potential and the Attack Team + Sentai Teams dynamics would be fun

  2. Probably it would be the same case when Cosmos negotiate with Justice and Delacion.

  3. Crossovers are possible, they just need to nerf Goji's OPness and figure out how to bring the Evangelions to the CGI stage

  4. I mean Ultraman would be enough for a Godzilla deterrent.

  5. That was the one where they killed a turtle and some other animals too, wasn’t it?

  6. we saw Gengar and Dragonite in ep 8….. It’s not disappointing because it didn’t match up with peoples head canon/fan fiction.

  7. Ah, the "fanfiction/Headcanon" strawman to deflect criticism.

  8. I knew something was off when I first booted up Deltarune and just had giant word that said "PENIS".

  9. Why does avocado break so many gringo minds in trying to cut it?

  10. It was also largely inconsistent, since characters like Dedede and Escargoon were constantly switching back and forth between 2D and 3D.

  11. They were heavy in CGI early on but by the finale they were purely 2D

  12. Hariyama too strong for RU but Venomoth for once seemingly isn't. What year is this?

  13. The only one they stand a chance against is Gomess if they mob it repeatedly.

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