What's your plan if nuclear war breaks out between NATO and Russia?

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  1. One specific and precise thing: zero trust distributed systems where you are confident that 51% of parties will not collude to break the system; and don't mind massive inefficiency.

  2. Not as much a phoenix as it would be a really fat seagull.

  3. You know that the DRG devs hate Diggy Diggy hole right? (you get muted/banned if you write it in discord chat)

  4. Glasses are expensive because one company owns them all not because there's some fancy equipment.

  5. Luxottica may be the leading brand in many places, and probably where you come from, but not here. I got mine via a local chain who gets their lenses made by SpecSavers in the UK. Not nearly as expensive as Luxottica, but the prices are still spicy if you want more than just the most basic of basic glasses. I got blue-light reduction in mine, and got a nice frame as well, which was like half the price on its own, and that ended up being something around 470 €.

  6. Here's an article from the Guardian which notes "even top-of-the-range frames and lenses cost, combined, no more than £30 to produce" and name-checks SpecSavers.

  7. One can hope they'll keep it within their own borders if it happens.

  8. Bigger problem for Europe is they'd be left defenseless. Two thirds of NATO is the US. I don't think it will happen, but that level of instability in the US would mean collapse of global security.

  9. So basically if the Republicans win, the Earth is quite literally doomed.

  10. That’s fair. I was just thinking that cause of all the jokes people make about Grunt being Shepard’s “child”

  11. The most hilarious bit is that Grogu is older than Din. By like 9-10 years.

  12. Lol this dude is wrong. We are fucked. He recommendeds betting on benevolent rich people to save us!

  13. Have you watched any of their other ones?

  14. NA players are way way more talkative in multiplayer games than EU players

  15. Oh, we're plenty talkative, we just chat with friends on Discord and not with strangers in-game.

  16. He’s not even in the car, dude is suckin on the tailpipe.

  17. Now I have this mental image of Ted Cruz with his mouth wrapped around the exhaust pipe of a speeding clown car driven by an oompa loompa in a blue suit and red tie, dragged along and slowly inflating because of the exhaust gases.

  18. The empire is a standin for fascism/authoritarianism.

  19. It's baffling to me how people cannot see that. Lucas himself has literally spelled it out multiple times in interviews and such.

  20. yes they are. Little piss babies. It is known.

  21. Is there a comprehensive list of little piss babies somewhere to refer to?

  22. Even id no gas is flowing, they have to be filled and under pressure. That is why NS2 is(sorry was) filled with gas, even if it was never used to transport gas. It will have something to do about reducing pressure waves, keeping seawater out and even structural reasons.

  23. Also, in the case of NS1, shutting off the tap in one end doesn't automatically clear the pipes of contents unless it's being used in the other end.

  24. If you haven't seen Scrubs before, Dr. Cox has thousands of zingers like that. He's a cynical asshole, but he cares.

  25. Nah, not really Just please folks don't fall for pro-ruzzian narratives about Ukrainians being nazis or whatever They can't win the war using conventional methods for they are too weak and thus try to undermine us with their propaganda (and btw they made a really great propaganda machine over there, literally billions were invested) U must have heard about the corruption, nazis, biolabs etc. I admit that we do have some problems, but we are an independent nation, all of us paid a huge price during ww2, we remember the horrors of the soviet union and we only want the peace for everyone. Please stay safe there and don't trust everything u see, especially if it's said/shown by ruzzia

  26. + det jo er sket i internationalt farvand. Jeg har aldrig før tænkt på hvor rodet det her faktisk er...

  27. Jeg læste et godt råd angående det med varmen her den anden dag:

  28. It ain’t rocket surgery, Bubs.

  29. It really is. And I agree with the top YouTube comment on it as well.

  30. It really is a cool outfit; unfortunately it is forever ruined for me by the post that showed that they designed Aloy blue nipples with it. Stupid brain remembers it every time.

  31. Kill Obama? Or maybe w Bush. Fuck Mary kill with presidents is hard

  32. There are currently 6 presidents/former presidents still alive:

  33. I feel like the bush’s should be a package deal. Father son bonding either through a three some, marriage or murder victims.

  34. Jeg tænker man kan vel ikke bare proppe flere penge i faget og håbe på at det løser sig selv.

  35. A lot of speculative sci-fi is philosophical, so that question is tough to answer. Like, how do you even quantify philosophy?

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