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  1. Definitely. Trey and Matt mock everyone, but this time, they (in their offensive way) show her as a victim. Some episodes, this included, has their "Black mirror" vibe. You just look at the world with this broken feeling...

  2. What other episodes has that black mirror vibe I feel like I know them. But can't think of them off the top of my head

  3. Smoking in public places. I don't care if you smoke just don't do it around me or kids

  4. Alice in wonderland. I don't know why but everytime I read it I feel like I'm able to escape this shitty reality and go back to a simpler time where the whole world doesn't feel fucked up

  5. The weather. I mean the weather changes all the time yet people still get pissed

  6. Beat me to it. 5 seconds of anxiety. Find the bubble or die

  7. I actually look for spoilers before watching a lot of TV shows and movies. It makes me enjoy the experience even more.

  8. Same here even though I know what's coming I mostly look for the characters reactions to it. I love seeing their shocked faces

  9. Emoji Movie, yes I actually watched it...

  10. I knew it was gonna be bad, I just wanted to see how bad it was

  11. Zombie Stalin comes back from the grave and bitch slaps putin

  12. Sorry it was something a friend made out of the blue didn't really have a recipe

  13. Well bat to the back of the head. Wait is it movie knock out where your knocked out and wake up with no serious side effects?

  14. The rock and trump. I want to see one of the most liked people in America body slam that fat piece of waste.

  15. Find merlin take his staff and control Arthur behind the scenes. Bonus I know most of the important stuff so I can make sure he doesn't get his ass killed

  16. When one of my cats suddenly jumps up on Me when im laying down and they start poking my arm or face with their nose

  17. It’s not on prime and you’re a monkey if you think it is you monkey

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