1. I’m concerned that (some well meaning) individual would take advantage of the situation. I agree with policharizard. You need to know the person well. Too many whack a doodles in todays world.

  2. I understand that, but I know there are some good people out there who would love to do this, but don't have the funds to. That's where I come in. We can help each other. I'd make sure I got all of their information and talk to them over a video call and try and get a vibe. I also figure if these people have an RV, they can rob/kidnap/kill some stranger in the middle of nowhere. They wouldn't leave a paper trail on reddit.

  3. Well, an RV might be in my 3-5 year purchase plan and also in my 3-5 year job plan, but I was also not too keen on a solo trip by myself. I love road trips, and dogs, so maybe someday.

  4. I'll still be here unless I find someone to do this with on a regular basis. I can't work and get free money, so I'm down whenever.

  5. Congrats! I got my highest score last week. 166! I had 94 average.

  6. Can two epileptic peeps travel and check out all kinds of cool shit (omg - old ghost towns..thats like a dream of mine that realistically will probably never happen, unless some super cool individual made a random post on reddit ) together?

  7. I can get my license back, it'll be 1 year on the 10th since my last episode. But every time I buy a new car, I have a seizure and total it. I've been in 4 accidents where I collided with people but thankfully never hurt anyone or myself. I just don't think I should be driving, despite the 6 month law. There's nothing specific, they usually happen in my sleep. I'm ready to go in January. And I have a Japanese Akita/German Shepherd named Sekiro. He just turned 7 months on the 25th.

  8. I just picked mine out Saturday night. It's ready to be picked up Monday for my league night. These are my first bowling balls. Got the Zen and a spare ball. The Pro Shop owner offered me oil but didn't say if I should apply it before I start using it.

  9. Thanks. I practiced today. However PSO advised me the lanes was dry. So I couldn’t really gauge it. Once we bowled quite a few games I like how it rolls. I’ll take it to my league night Tuesday and see how it goes.

  10. My first chance to use mine will me my Monday league night. Hope I can get the feel of it quickly. Don't want to ruin my game. Good luck!

  11. What? He was in the shot. It didn't change his view at all. I was trying to get it recorded.

  12. Well I got them. Picked up a $210 Zen and $50 plastic spare ball. Both 15lbs. Thanks for all the advice!

  13. Yes. My speed is kind of in the middle. I aim at the second dot to the right and then turn my hand when I release and it curves kinda sharp when it gets close to the pins, almost perfectly in the sweet spot most of the time, but I am constantly getting 9s with one of the far back pins not falling. If it's not a 9, it's usually a 7 with the same 3 pins always staying up. I think the ball I use is 14 and I think going up to 15 is the right idea. I'm going tonight to get it.

  14. People throw around the term buried alot, but Damage Ctrl is genuinely buried. Booking a new faction is not hard. Have them show up, be a legitimate threat and cohesive unit with proper motivation. Instead since debuting Damage Ctrl has lost the Women's Tag Title tournament to Aliyah and Raquel Rodriguez for no reason, won the titles a week or two later, had zero feuds for them until dropping a month later. All the while Bayley has looked like a total amateur next to Bianca Belair. And this entire feud has been going on since SummerSlam! It's beyond tired. No wonder they're barely getting reactions.

  15. I love Bayley but she's just doing it for me this run.

  16. That's exactly why I went as the Pickle Man instead.

  17. People kept coming up to me yelling "YEAH PICKLE RICK" and throwing high fives. lol

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