1. 10 to 15 % of each countries population in a constant state of rebellion might accomplish something. You have to make the rich and powerful to feel it in their bank accounts. It's the only thing that matters to them. Until then, they'll just maneuver the old leaders out and new members of their own ranks into the positions of power and rebuild the status quo.

  2. Russia: "Those unthinking Ukrainians got their nuclear power plant in the way of our missiles! They're just trying to make us look bad!"

  3. When attempting to neutralize democracy the following steps are important.

  4. Reddit has turned me into a monster. Im dissappointed that i didnt get to see the carnage of this mans leg completely cut off and blood everywhere.

  5. This guy didnt deserve it? Brought this stupid shit on himself…like the moron who used tannerite for a gender reveal and burned down a million acres

  6. I didn't say he didn't. I just don't go out of my way all the time, like some people to look up every gory video I can.

  7. "Soldiers are supposed to choose only unpopulated areas to take a stand, when their country is invaded by another".

  8. Wanna bet it increases his favor with the Republican voters and he ends up the AG anyway?

  9. Christian Missionaries would ingratiate themselves with tribes by giving them gifts and then find a willing tribal member to teach English to (or Spanish) so that they could "Teach them about Christ". Their missions often were successful in more than one way. Some missionaries even "went native". While others died.

  10. You're 5'6. Girls often make height a thing. Women don't care as much. Girls want relationships. The women hitting on you want sex.

  11. Since you said it's drywall, cleaning it may be impossible. The oils may have soaked into the drywall itself and after cleaning it off, some of the seeped in oil, may seep back out again. It all depends on the quality of the paint on the wall. To start, a few drops of dish soap in a bowl of water, dip in a washcloth or rag and scrub the wall. Let dry for one day and if the discoloration reappears it's the oil. That means painting the wall is the next step. BUT, the wall will need "Primer" first. That is a very specific type of pain that seals in any oils or solvents so they don't come up through the new paint. Once that is dry you can paint over it. The primer will seems watery and doesn't "cover" anything. It just seals it. You can buy paint that has the primer in it but it'll be expensive paint.

  12. Cops in Mexico still let innocent people get hurt and some don’t do anything against most thefts or killings. Not to even say that a lot of them are corrupt and turn a blind eye. So I wouldn’t say Mexicans want to go back to that cause they never left it. So when someone dies in police custody, like what happened that incited this protest, people get frustrated and tired and want change.

  13. Well, damn. I thought things had improved. I shall delete my comment.

  14. Native American? I was married to an Inupiak (Eskimo) and now I'm married to a Puyallup. That means I'm fairly well acquainted with First Nations customs. FNs people dress like everyone else except for their "regalia". Regalia is worn for festivals, ceremonies and dancing. These activities count as spiritual practices or historic representations. Very often they're hand made or hand customized and worth thousands of dollars. I've never seen a non native wear such clothing as a fashion statement. What I do hear natives say is, they don't want to be a Halloween character. If you want to wear dream catcher earrings go for it. If you want to dress up as Geronimo on Halloween, don't. Stick to a T-shirt with Geronimo graphic on it.

  15. The human body is super complicated. Some neurotransmitters are enormous molecules that science can't even synthesize yet. The hormones, drugs and enzymes your body uses for signalling, regulating, stimulating and promoting the actions of it's many system depend on an incredibly complicated interplay. Any substance that can change the way a system works can throw off the whole system. for example. LSD uses up neurotransmitters at an incredible rate. Depleting them decreases the effectiveness of successive doses. That's why you can't "stay up on the peak". You eventually have to let your body restore the chemicals you depleted. Most drugs have similar effects. They interrupt, speed up or suppress something already going on. A recreational drug "forces" the system to do things it normally does not want to do. A "prefect drug" wouldn't upset any system, but it also wouldn't get you high.

  16. "Going into Shock" is one of the stranger things a body does. It can happen instantaneously or as the result of going through something traumatic. once you go into shock it can affect your body and one of those effects is messing with your perception of the air around you. Covering a person in shock , both helps them feel warm/be warm and calms them so they can come out of shock.

  17. I'm over 50, so my view stretches back a bit. For the longest time, outside of Texas we used to make jokes about how proud Texans are of Texas. That was it. Then in the 90s as the schism between Conservative and Progressives widened and the GOP started doing nothing but obstructing and all states that vote majority Red, became the focus of ire. How can we grow as a nation, prosper and progress when people insist on electing state and national legislators that appear to be fighting against giving equal rights to everyone and instead work for the corporations and advance the influence of Christianity into every facet of life in the USA? Then came unwavering support of Trump followed by Greg Abbot. Ron DeSantis and him seem determined to run their states like fiefdoms. Them and their state legislators seem determined to spread their theocratic leanings across the country, and their states,by a majority of votes, seem to support the idea. The elevation of guns over safety, doesn't help. Texas and Florida(among others) by virtue of the elected officials, are seen as a threat to the integrity of the USA and the constitution that holds it together.

  18. According to my genetic report I'm 5/16ths Indigenous American, 3/32nds Dutch, 7/28ths German and the rest is "unknown". I have no clue what the fuck I am. Why do these questions exist on forms in the 21 century? The 20th century called and it wants it's questionnaire back!

  19. For the past 3 years I've been studying contemporary culture in preparation for writing a book i hope has meaning. Positive karma tells me I am speaking in a relatable manner. negative karma tells me how many people I'm rubbing the wrong way. It's very educational. If it wasn't for my research I suppose it'd be nothing more than a fake ego boost.

  20. I'd take him. Have him neutered and then claim the cost as "Investment" in him. The scratches are from him fighting other cats.. Without the operation he'll just do more of it, plus he'll spray everything you own.

  21. Cheap sources of energy in an open market are the only way they'll go down. In most places energy is a localized monopoly. If a coal fired power plant has to compete with a wind farm for market shares the price of the coal fired power will drop.

  22. Wasn't it a crime to abandon your children, not so long ago? Now, they are encouraging it? WCGW?

  23. These boxes have been in some states for years and years. They’re intended for newborn babies, so the parent who never wanted a kid can give up custody no questions asked.

  24. Better than dumpsters at least. I just hate the fact the GOp is intent on dooming thousands of kids into foster homes., so my snark is showing.

  25. Many of the males of ground dwelling large fowl(pheasants, chickens, etc) grow a fighting spur out of the back of their leg. After two or three years it can present a danger to other males and small danger to people who turned their back ona tenacious male. I knew a guy who made that mistake and a pheasant cock sent him to the hospital for stitches.

  26. If ET's were meeting humans I'd be way more worried about the ETs than the humans. Humans constantly look for reasons to oppress, hate and murder anything they can't immediately control.

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