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  1. Noise is a factor of lack of light. There is always noise in dark areas, even in daylight. The ISO simply brings it out.

  2. If I shoot handholding and a wider f stop the image gets darker so how do I compensate that to make it a little bit lighter without bumping too much the iso and consequently getting too much noise. Maybe what I'm asking is stupid and the obvious solution is using a tripod but I don't own one yet.

  3. What are you trying to take photos of? Moments with people (needing a fast shutter speed) or places/environments that may have incidental or no people (requiring a deeper depth of field and a tripod due to longer shutter speeds)?

  4. I usually take pictures of places . I don't feel confident enough to shoot at random people because I know I would feel uncomfortable if someone did to me.

  5. Specs of the photos? Pretty cool stuff I like your street photographies

  6. I can assure you that what you are trying to accomplish is 100% possible with arduino.

  7. I didn't even know what was an Arduino before reading it here The deadline is in December so I think I could try learn the basics before starting because honestly electronics are an uncharted territory for me. But thank you for your reply .

  8. Okay but what if I simplified it and made the led strip reactive to music with the Arduino which isn't that hard (I already bought it and practiced a bit) and then wire up a sound module with a speaker and then connect it to the main circuit . Isn't that a simpler solution ?

  9. You need to build your knowledge up in layers. You don't go immediately from "I'm interested in space" to "I'm designing the next mars exploration rocket". Buy a basic Arduino project kit and learn how to configure it and make some LEDs blink. Then learn how to make the Arduino interpret and react in a very simple way to music (a major undertaking on its own). For a few bucks the dfplayer mini seems like the right solution to offload some of the effort of reading music files from memory and actually producing music. Feed the output of that into the Arduino.

  10. Okay but what if I simplified it and made the led strip reactive to music with the Arduino which isn't that hard (I already bought it and practiced a bit) and then wire up a sound module with a speaker and then connect it to the main circuit . Isn't that a simpler solution ?

  11. Man, last time i played jayce was like a couple of years ago, I recently started playing him again and I'm relieved seeing im not the only one having trouble with him in toplane.

  12. I love stripe 15. It's my favorite moment of the day. Great picture man

  13. Where do you guys watch it?

  14. It was a snap of the scene from far away with a 70-300mm lens set at 260mm. It's a crop from a bigger picture, landscape-oriented, removing over 50% vertically and 75% horizontally. It's a bit underexposed so it lacks fine detail.

  15. I think the lack of fine detail makes it better since it conveys a lot better the gloominess and disheartening emotions that stem from this environment.

  16. Paying for rune pages is such a dumb way to throw money away

  17. I'm not American so correct me if I'm wrong. But I think this resurgence of labor unions and the rise of left wing ideologies amongst people -especially young workers- could have an explanation in the fact that most of the Americans alive today were indoctrinated in the anticommunist/antisocialist propaganda which naturally sowed the path to the neoliberal recipes which brought with themselves the loss of labor rights through the decades, mostly since the 70s.

  18. "I did 20 fucking years and not a single peep"

  19. The Greek - Levy - Slim - Bodie

  20. In Spain if your job requires you to use a car and visit clients, it's considered that you don't have an established place of work so working time starts when you turn the engine of the car. I worked as a gas inspector so it wasn't necessary for me to go to our company's HQ every week and the car had a GPS tracker so legally work time started whenever I started the engine. 1 hour traffic jam to get to the frickin place is not free!! You already start your day with stress.

  21. I took a free tour in March/April that showed us some of the most important places you should visit in the centre. I remember it was a rainy afternoon and it poured a lot during the whole tour, but just when we were about to end, it stopped and a small glimmer of the golden sunset breakthrough the clouds exactly at the moment we were going uphill on C/ del Factor from which you can see the Cathedral.

  22. Does anyone have her puking vid?

  23. The most disgusting champions in this meme is Gangplank.

  24. The funny part is they think they're getting under your skin but in reality their mental is so low they can throw an entire game just to prove team didn't lose because of them because "look how padded is my KDA".

  25. Stunning! What lens/ camera you used?

  26. Yesterday I had a game vs Yorick (mind you it was a silver game) , and you can't really win trades with him and pre 11 you can't really outfarm and outpush the lanes he shoves into your tower .

  27. I only own PsyOps and Dragonslayer .

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