1. Move over KohliStats, it's time for SunStats (SuryaStats)

  2. I have attended INDvsNZ odi at Hyderabad. Security didn't allow vuvuzelas. They are just throwing those in the trash. Didn't know about other stadiums tho

  3. I guess many stadiums do this but it needs to be standard practice. Hence the rather uneven experiences even this year.

  4. Oh you're still going huh? After saying bowlers and batters are the same.

  5. Maybe if you learnt a little bit about how form and match fitness works, this 5yo would not be schooling you.

  6. Are NZ actually bowling well or are we making a match out of nothing?

  7. our batters do not play spin well anymore. people here will downvote and shit but just compare the numbers and you will know

  8. I can never play vids on this side. Anyone has a mirror?

  9. I read somewhere that she was coming out of retirement to play in the WPL. So now she won't be participating as a player?

  10. Maybe mentor + player? Like Warne did in BBL or IPL, I can't remember for sure.

  11. Pretty indecent to be walking out like that when the MCC has asked several times for them not to. Even went as far as writing an ELI5 article on it.

  12. my god, a bowler bowled a no-ball? That's super worthy of a whole entire post

  13. Pretty sure this is about how much of a head start the non-striker is taking. He is like a metre down already!

  14. I think under pressure not many are able to make these snap decisions on 'leaving', a skill not essential in modern LOI (and hence least developed).

  15. Wow, that's some colourful language for a 'winner'

  16. Said in a light vein - this is a good team. But I do feel a full strength Aussie team might beat this team..

  17. Fair enough. At least it will be quite a competitive match with a hard to pick winner.

  18. But the Australian top 7 has 4 lefties, and Kuldeep is better against Lefties when compared with Axar

  19. Ashwin needs 4 lefties for lunch anyway, there won't be enough left for Siraj and others.

  20. Because why not force someone into becoming an all format star that can be sold for more? Vs someone who plays the format as it is supposed to

  21. Don't you diss Kartik like this! Man has taken over the mantle of LSK, no easy task

  22. Stokes has invented the concept of hitting the ball to score runs. The person that has invented an important thing like that deserves to be given an award.

  23. No one even thought it was possible but Stokes has shown how when one uses bat to beat the ball (instead of the opposition player outside a bar) then something magical called runs can be earned

  24. a fact is still a fact, rohit should get over himself and get some perspective. he is making a fool of himself getting outraged by simple things

  25. Don't know why you are downvoted. Big Ind cricketers need to be better in their PR. Getting bent over such things is ridiculous.

  26. I am downvoted becoz this is less of a cricket discussion forum & more of a cricketer fan club

  27. No wonder our players get so image obsessed that they don't deem FC worthy of their time anymore.

  28. Can we have some other suffix than giants, super giants, kings, queens? Get something creative man!!

  29. Clearly these teams want zero creativity. A student can come up with 10 better names than this in one day, hell random team name engines are better than this.

  30. I mean, there's always gonna be that person who says "this could have been better than that"

  31. So, this is a 200 IQ move from them? Come up with the most bland names that almost everyone will reject!

  32. It was a ranked choice I think. The highest bidder would get their preference first, then second highest bidder and so on.

  33. So, the team name options should be unlimited for all bidders. Looks weird that Adani would list Guwahati on their pref list ahead of all the other blanks.

  34. Lmao, Adani wanted a team so badly that they just bid the same highest amount for all cities

  35. Surprising that they put in the same number for Guwahati as they did for the other big cities.

  36. Most would direct it towards Arabs yes, I doubt that they'd know the difference.

  37. Same energy as that Clayton guy in the Dictator movie, 'everyone who is not an American is technically an Arab' lol

  38. Safe to assume he isn't gonna climb any higher. I don't see him playing required number of ODIs to surpass Gayle.

  39. This is a ODI WC year and he is the captain, so will play almost all matches leading up to it. And the WC is on small Ind grounds. 60 sixes might sound a lot but it's basically 2-3 every match. Rohit does like the aerial shots more than 4s, so even in small innings he ends up with 6s.

  40. I don't have problem with foreign investors but I do prefer if initial investment in sports come from Indian businesses. My problem lies in that only American and MEerns that invest in this kind of things. I don't want these countries to hold a sizable chunk on any Indian league.

  41. I would rather they own chunk of a sports league rather than real industry.

  42. I know people are complementing the design but it seems a bit weird to include a gender symbol like this to identify a team. Not to mention the O confusion that exists

  43. Show me any recent performance where he cost us a win,

  44. Look I would have agreed with you a year ago but he is not doing enough to inspire any confidence. He regularly gets smacked for a LOT, and that ridiculous ER is confirmation of that. And he is not better than Chahar at 8.

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