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  1. Its like drinking your alcohol mixed with water instead with an sugary energy drink

  2. No, dude. It all slowly poisons you and gives you cancer, and it's all addictive.

  3. Ah okay, kinda figured that. Thanks for the info. I'm not enjoying them as much so I might switch back, or maybe not because it might help to not smoke so much cause the taste is stronger and not as smooth. Cheers

  4. Love it! it's one of my favorite herbs to mix into a bowl. TMI but it makes me a little horny. That could be bc its relaxing. I'd recommend Mullein first, though! As an everyday smoker, I find that it helps with my throat a ton!

  5. I've smoked it before, as a thc replacement and found the effects very relaxing, without any visual alteration

  6. They way to beat it is, don't get hit by his attacks and make sure your attacks hit him.

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