1. Life is mostly performing tasks you don’t really want to do out of responsibility or need

  2. Expecting others to accommodate her is a facepalm, but how is having kids a "bad choice"?

  3. You made bad choices if you’re so stressed out you can’t wait in line for coffee like everyone else

  4. I am way past the point in my life that I’d ever be addicted to blow but still use 2-3 times a year

  5. Honestly, I would prefer if golf were 12-14 holes - I’m bored by then typically anyway

  6. No, I have no issue with pride (which comes from achievement) or even arrogance if it’s deserved (if you’re great and know you are - all well and good)

  7. isn't pride defined as such tho? inordinate self esteem that is? I can understand maybr not having issue with pride but why no issue with arrogance? Thats interesting......

  8. I’m not a dictionary so I dunno - I think of pride as the act of being proud of something, usually an accomplishment.

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