1. Be trapped by the air molecules that are frozen in time all around me, and suffocate because I can't draw any air into my lungs.

  2. I've had almost 40 birthdays, and I can say, without any doubt, food gifts are the best gifts.

  3. Are you sure? I'm fairly certain he still had moments if clarity during the duel with Ferrus and he almost ordered his ships to fire on Horus fleet until he got the sword delivered to him.

  4. You're correct, Fulgrim didn't become fully possessed until he slew Ferrus, after the purge at Istvaan III.

  5. The Iron Hands are mentioned as having backed one of the crusades that took place there, so there's a good chance you can find them around, maybe a fortress of some kind.

  6. They'd probably be unhappy about the way the jokaero keep trying to make the dakka smaller instead of bigger. (Even if it is just as powerful)

  7. Konrad was walking around on Macragge doing some minor trolling (manslaughter and inciting rebellions). The Lion suggested going full force to grab Konrad as quickly as possible. Robby was understandably less enthousiastic about killing his own civilians and convinced the Lion to a more subtle approach.

  8. You kind of left out the part where Konrad was only there because the Lion brought him to Macragge in the first place.

  9. I mean, no one really talks about him because he really isn't relevant anymore. Like, sure, he was one of the ones that created DnD, but it's been a long time since he's been involved in it, so there's not much point in bringing him up outside of discussing the history of the game.

  10. While Punk is all about being socially unacceptable, it's not about morally fucked up things.

  11. Well, seems like the simplest solution would be to wild shape into a rodent or similar and just scurry away, unless the cell you're in doesn't have any small holes.

  12. I didn’t have papers to enter the community so I tried to Misty step in and got caught. My inclination is that it’s not worth it to escape as I’ll probably get caught and the punishment doesn’t seem likely to be steep. I believe this is just a temporary stop along the journey so will likely leave the town behind me when we are done.

  13. Yeah, unless you feel like your DM is trying to screw you then it's probably better to just sit and wait. Probably have to pay some gold or maybe go on a small quest or something, trying to escape will make it worse.

  14. So the PC has a high bounty on their head, and they go around using their reputation to try and influence people?

  15. b2q says:

    Yes, it seems that OP thought that she was insulted because of the word 'rat' in the usual sense, meant as an insult. This is usually used against people that are 'traitors' or 'mean-spirited'.

  16. What a ridiculous comment. OP is absolutely in the right for what they did. Calling someone a rat is an insult, full fucking stop, no matter what stupid ticktock trend is going around at the time.

  17. b2q says:

    I'm sorry but you will run into similar problems if you don't realise what actually happened there.

  18. What problem? The "problem" of standing up for myself? That's not actually a problem, believe it or not.

  19. Why are you getting upset about something that has no bearing on you?

  20. Not to seem like an arse, but if you care so much, go play the role of narc instead of soap boxing here.

  21. Sonic, hands down. One is a show that ran for 10 seasons and is a bit of a cult classic. The other is a game franchise that's been around for over 20 years, regularly gets big name games, and has had hugely advertised movies made about it.

  22. I was into tabletop wargaming before I started with DnD, so that was the "normal" for me.

  23. Oh boy, it's like having a commercial right in your game. Who wouldn't want that?

  24. Well, first thing that popped into my mind reading the title was the Headband of Intellect. Attach an "I am very smart" button onto a regular headband and let them wear that.

  25. A centaur. Because how do you get around in a fantasy world? Walking or riding a horse, but now I am the horse.

  26. I usually say "You guys have levelled up. Come prepared for the next session with your characters at level X"

  27. Yeah, that's how I do it, too. I feel like it just slows the game down too much to do a level up during a session.

  28. I think this can work fine, depending on the story. You are the 4 chosen ones, the one who must unite the power of insert thing here. With the power of all four you can conquer the great evil. "Yeeah, I've decided I don't like Greg he's got to go." Aaand the world ends then. You lose.

  29. So if you're running a campaign like that then what happens when a PC dies and they don't have an easy way to bring them back? Make the player sit out for however many sessions it takes to make a resurrection happen? Just end the campaign completely?

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