1. Is there an option for a notification of a new (PC or iOS) version with a link to go get it? If not, is this in your roadmap?

  2. Why do you need a link when the app automatically downloads new updates and you can check for new updates within the app itself in the About window?

  3. I don't know this since I just started using it, hence my question.

  4. It's ridiculously long and complicated because of draconian hiring processes, not because there are no openings. From my understanding, virtually every agency has been actually short staffed for the last several years.

  5. Better to hire across the CONUS than next to the physical location of an agency site.

  6. Right, but the comment I'm replying to and the one before it seemed to imply it would be a good thing for there to be a mass exodus of government employees so that it would open up job slots for those still trying to get a government job.

  7. That and Congress fulfilling it's duty to appropriate funds, or not, creating periods of understaffing where hiring cannot occur.

  8. I would get a 40 year term of $2M. Seems like a lot now, but it won't be in 25 years.

  9. I would never install software by Symantec on anything of mine. It would be nice if Fidelity used Okta, Duo, FIDO security keys, or Google Authenticator.

  10. At least advertisement laden bloatware. Would you like some LifeLock???

  11. I am guessing it would be approved on a case-by-case basis aka if they plan on hiring laid-off private IT workers then yes.

  12. I don't think they can apply an SSR inconsistently

  13. I don't know of any patented IP that they have, so their acquisition (if any) will be based on brand, customer base, and assets. They say they're working on their own in-house clearing firm/capability, so maybe they will develop a capability that will be of value to a firm that doesn't have one.

  14. VGT - Diversification, inclusive of Microsoft’s $10B investment in OpenAI (where they own 49%).

  15. You are highly capable and your solution to being taken advantage of is to stop working, reduce your pay, and harm your career arc in order to obtain relief?

  16. I've been burning out for nearly two years in my position, so it's hard to not see quitting as my only out. I'd rather not cause harm to my career, but I'm also just exasperated.

  17. See a doctor. you may be suffering from depression and they may be able to help you.

  18. If a direct connection using your computer to her optical network terminal is ~800Mbps, then reset and update her hardware, and if that fails, replace it.

  19. White elephant. No training or incentives for managers to leverage this valuable capability.

  20. Your supervisor is ridiculously stupid. That's nuts.

  21. I love my govt phone! It is a great coaster.

  22. TSP, especially if you have a 4.5% mortgage with a potential tax deduction if you itemize. As others have noted, your investment return is greater than your mortgage early payoff. TSP investments take decades to grow substantially, so focus on that.

  23. Anybody that tells you what you can or cannot do, and demeans you in the process, is a Grade A asshole. You need to change jobs and not work for an abuser.

  24. Why not look for a job that offers remote work? Even if you took a grade reduction, some employment is better than none, and you will have an easier path to rejoin science related professions. Just be aware that age discrimination is always a concern.

  25. This is why anyone looking to change jobs should get on it asap because once next FY arrives, we could be spending a few years in the desert.

  26. Because Congress passed a spending bill appropriating funds for Federal agencies through 9/30/23. Agencies have money and new billets. A lot of agencies are out hiring now, which reduces the level of competition. Next year, especially if there's a downturn, you could see more people competing for fewer jobs.

  27. No. Don't even hint to coworkers. Gossip is damaging. People will peg you before they get to know you.

  28. I'm just remembering the special IT rate that came out ~2000 that was left to wither and die.

  29. Bonus question: I’ve been asking for telework for medical reasons. I’m in the process of filling out an RA to (hopefully) get one day of telework a week to make managing medical stuff easier. Should I give up on the RA so as to not rock the boat? Can my supervisors see the details of it? I don’t want them to use the RA as a reason to fire me because I “can’t perform my job duties.”

  30. Don't go the RA route. Just stop. Wait until July and move on to a different organization or agency.

  31. I hate to break it to you, but Mary is an insecure dipshit. You will probably never please her.

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