1. can any one recommend me where/what to buy for this m.2 wifi card? i just bought one from online but it was not the correct connector

  2. Small one is ipex 4 (or ufl), the biggest one is ipex 1

  3. Ça m'arrive très régulièrement de réécouter des groupes ou style musicaux d'une période de ma vie, ça dure quelques semaines/mois puis je passe à des nouveautés ou une nouvelle playlist me rappelant aussi des souvenirs. C'est comme ça, et c'est plaisant ! Pas de lassitude de mon côté

  4. Ce que je ne comprends pas c'est surtout la détermination des anticorrida à l'interdire. 81% des français sont anticorrida, 2,2% des français sont végétariens, ce qui veut dire que la quasi-totalité des personnes contre la corrida mange de la viande. Très peu d'entre eux vont avoir la même détermination à abolir l'abattage rituel, l'élevage en batterie, les veaux qui reste allongés dans le noir toutes leurs vies etc

  5. Ce n'est pas forcément lié. À titre personnel je ne mange plus certaines viandes uniquement dû à l'impact écologique (eau, espace nécessaire etc..), alors que la souffrance animal, même si elle me dérange, n'est pas la chose la plus impactante pour moi uniquement si il s'agit de nourrir la population. La torture animal uniquement pour du divertissement, en revanche, ça ça me dérange.

  6. Il peuvent te donner plus, en master 5 j’avais 1100€ net, après vu que tu es étudiant tu as le droit à des aides type CAF

  7. J'étais aussi à 1200€ en stage de fin d'étude (ingé/master), donc c'est jouable. Après il est vrai que c'est compliqué voire impossible de négocier son salaire en stage je pense..

  8. Z13 owner, wifi card is solder and there is a free m2 slot for wwan card :) (and incompatible with m2 SSD)

  9. Thanks for your feedback, I think I'll still wait a 7900XD but will definitively replace my 5900x eco mode to a 7*** eco mode too. If performance bump in eco mode with a similar/lower temps that's perfect ! Build in Q58 + 280Aio

  10. I am very confused about the battery life because several reviews claim it last about 12 hours while other reviews claim it last just about 6 hours. Some people also claimed that the portable performance is very decent if you are not uisng the performance modus which uses a lot of energy.

  11. I'm getting 10h wifi/BT on, display 75%, coding and websurfing.

  12. Return my XPS 13 Plus and got a Z13 last week. The build quality is impressive, battery life is excellent (and XPS sucks), I had 9h coding and Spotify wifi/BT on. Performance are very good, and thermal is very well managed, laptop is silent. I run Linux too, everything's working and usb4 deliver the 40gb/s and i plug 3x1080p screen with a hub.

  13. Never seen a difference between 2.4 and 868 (I use both) for 5km range in mountains, and they are able to go further easily. But have a gps rescue well tuned, just in case ;)

  14. Nice to hear :). What modules/rx are you using? How do you set up your GPS rescue?

  15. Betafpv lite for 2.4 and R9M Lite pro for 868, stock antenna for tx and prodrone ones on quad side. Gps rescue default values, just test it on shorter field before long range 😁

  16. Personally, they made a mistake with 3 things, breaking apart (in negative terms) from Lenovo tradition :

  17. The 2242 SSD is also a mistake.. a 2242 is much more expensive than a 2280, and I want to upgrade my incoming one with a 2to...

  18. Not to mention it doesn’t achieve true Gen4 speeds per reported benchmarks.

  19. I have a Q58 with this mod using a 3070ti FE and a 5900x with be quiet 280mm AIO, that's perfect

  20. Thanks, that's really reassuring, which AIO and fan setup did you go with?

  21. Be Quiet Silent Loop 280mm with stock fans. One be quiet 120mm slim on the bottom. Bottom and top exaust, that's pushing the hot air from gpu directly outside.

  22. Pâte à pain et chocolat : pain au chocolat, je vois pas le soucis !

  23. While it's hot outside, to me it's incredibly "cold" taking into account the fan noise. I think the heat transfer between the case and cpu, that's good for the cpu. By default I have a quick spike to 100°C then stay stable around 86-87 in stress test. If you disable intel boost it still quiet and cold(60° inside and not too warm outside) but you loose around 40% perf ^ I use it only in battery mode.

  24. Un compte commun est la meilleure solution. J'ai déjà faut ça, et à la rupture tu demandes juste la clôture du compte et basta ^

  25. Having coil whine even in battery, plugged in or docked.. shit

  26. As said above check all hardware stuff (ram test, wifi, bluetooth, USB..) and coil whine. Mine coil whine even with no task and even on battery, quiet annoying I'm think return it although i really love it.

  27. 2€, but it was already near 1.8 one month ago, so not yet a huge bump here in France.

  28. I have a similar build, 5900x + 32gb + 2080 (waiting for a 3080/3080ti). Performance are enough to stream, cpu encoding will not affect your game with 12c/24t or even nvidia nvenc will not affect soo much (few % on my 2080) so it will be ok ! Think of a dedicated stream pc if you already stream since a while and need it :)

  29. Just flashed on B550M Mortar + R9 5900x + 2*16gb 4000C16. Still can't go higher 3600/1800 (I try for each update haha). The only different thing is now with PBO, if I set 0 on mhz boost, it switch to auto (and then consumption go from 130W to 200W), so I have to set it to 25mhz to limit it (don't wan't a huge consumption that's why), and still -25 all core CO. Performance are quiet identical (23k on Cinebench R23 multicore).

  30. Nothing change on my side, still unable to go higher than 3600/1800 ...Config : B550M Mortar, 5900x and 4x8go 4000C16.

  31. Just confirming that we did trade and it went really well, really patient person and he had no issue going first!

  32. Thanks ! And thanks for the trade, very serious :) enjoy the game !

  33. If your motherboard allow to flash bios using usb only, yep, you can install ryzen before that :) I've installed my 5900x on B550m mortar and flash it via usb because 5000 were not compatible.

  34. Hi! I can get up to 1650 in CB23 SC and up to 22500 in MC. With PBO was getting the same MC score (and in some cases more) as now.

  35. I understand it. PBO as it is needs some polish, I had exactly the same problem until I tweaked Curve Optimizer.

  36. Yeah, when I have 130W on chip side it's nearly 230w wall side. I will try again this weekend to tweak it. In fact it's more power consumption I'm afraid vs temperature. I know 82° is not dangerous at all, but +100W consumption is a lot ^

  37. If aircoooling go for a Noctua nh-d15 or nh-d15s. The 5900x is quiet hot even without OC, I have 71° stock or 80 with pbo + curve optimizer, with a nh-d15s.

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