1. When people spell a common name wrong to be different. Drives me insane.

  2. And complain when people have a hard time pronouncing it.

  3. Konrad is a German spelling...it was my grampas name :( I personally love it

  4. I live in the UK and I’ve never heard of it spelt with a K before. Konrad is a nice name its just a personal thing with the letter C

  5. Reminds me of Undertale’s Asriel, whose father is notorious for being horrible at naming things 😭

  6. Yeah I agree. If they spell it Naomi then it’ll be fine. It’s a pretty name

  7. Same. I hate that the films left out the hospital scene after Bill is attacked and Tonks professes her love for Remus but he’s anxious about it. In the films it felt very rushed

  8. It’s not so much rushed as just dumped in, they’re just suddenly a couple in the films without really any detail. They didn’t even bother to rush it.

  9. This is what I meant lmao wrong wording on my part. But yes I agree with what you said

  10. I was just watching Only Murders In The Building today, so to me it feels a little old fashioned.

  11. Yesss, I’m not finished with season 2 yet so no spoilers! It’s so good!

  12. I won’t spoilt it but I will say that you’re in for a treat it’s so good

  13. I hate when people ask what vibe their chosen names gives off/asks advice on a name/ask people what they think of their chosen name and not like any answers. I vividly remember one girl asking what people think of Draco and she got upset when a lot of people were referencing Harry Potter because “that’s not the only reference” but it’s the most common one. She said she wanted to use it after the gun

  14. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for it. I hope it doesn’t go missing!

  15. Call his job and ask what hours he’s been working. I feel like that’s the easiest option here.

  16. Nope, Lockhart taught it in the dueling club.

  17. If he’s ever a dick to you, you can say “don’t be such a dictator”

  18. You can follow whoever you want and obviously you don't have to follow everyone at Smosh, but do you mind if I ask why you only follow those two? If you don't have a specific answer that's okay

  19. Yes, I’m sure all of those things can make it very difficult to maintain a healthy weight. What I’m saying is if it costs, say, 1000 calories just to exist each day (the energy it costs to have body heat, organs to work, walking, thinking, etc.) and the person consumes 0 calories, that person would be roughly .3 lbs lighter at the end of the day, barring fluid retention (which is not going to account for more than a few pounds, otherwise the person would just be a giant pool of water). It is impossible to expend energy from nothing, it’s gotta come from somewhere.

  20. The things I listed can occur without a change of diet or exercise. It is possible to gain uncontrollable weight.

  21. Apparently, my previous response offended the moderators. So I'll rephrase.

  22. I’m sure if she had contact, she would have mentioned it. The fact that it was another child that told her about her son’s situation rather than the son himself, and that she was the last resort, tells me that she didn’t keep in contact.

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