1. It comes and it goes, you can see some of it on the way back machine still tho;

  2. Where did you get that translation from? Because while 'Sieg' is indeed 'victory' - thats the first time I've seen someone translate 'Mund' as 'hand' or anything similar.

  3. From the Wikipedia article on the name;

  4. But you got to eat the old ball! And man, once they got nice and crunchy/chewy they were an absolute treat. The worst was carrying around your egg at school in case the school didn't have one and your mouse failed, it was so embarrassing when you were going through your bag and your stupid egg fell out and rolled across the floor and the whole class saw, we all had one I don't know why it was so embarrassing but it was.

  5. There were also moments where I had to hide it from the teachers and couldn't find any appropriate place to hide it so I just pushed it inside my bumhole, you guys had similar experiences right guys?

  6. I don't think the teachers cared man, pretty sure you were just doing that to do that

  7. That looks cool, they should do one for their away jerseys too.

  8. Not necessarily a treaty as two sovereign countries might have, but there are

  9. I can't find it now, but isn't there a type of material that is a waste product of the golden throne but is absolutely critical in the manufacture of some kind of weapons or armaments, maybe for the death watch or grey knights? I thought there was a joke a while back that they needed the emperor's poop for the war effort or something

  10. It's not the Golden Throne the waste material comes from, rather it's who's sat in it, and it's used in the construction of Psyk-out grenades.

  11. Yeah, I think that's it. From every "official" lore I've seen they try to describe every way around calling it "emperor poop" but we all know it's emperor poop.

  12. Probably if you were of the xenos species they were designed for, if my memory of the devices is correct they weren't designed for human physiology which is why they have a perversive effect on humans who use them.

  13. "An STC" in context usually means "a blueprint, a method, a pattern" to build a specific thing, so the Mars pattern lasgun is an STC for making a lasgun, the mechanicum knows "if we do this and that then this" you'll get a gun largely free of imperfection, created in a time when they had the latitude to test and make mistakes and correct them. So "STC" is usually short hand for blue prints or instructions, a way to make what 20k humanity viewed as a rugged, reliable and easy to manufacture the thing. There may have been an assembly line built to STC patterns to make another particular STC pattern, but this is more applied use of STC tech rather than what an STC is.

  14. An ignoble death most assuredly, but I wonder if the commissar would have acted any differently had the roles been reversed. If the priest had taken the medic hostage, would the commissar have tried to deescalate or called up for a sharp shooter? Would anyone in the Imperium waste a second of time negotiating with a heretic? I guess when you're on one side of it you think "there but for the grace of God go I, but it shall never be me" until it is you. Maybe a group of guards who held their commissar is higher regards than the Krieg would have tried something, anything, but I think any officer would take the trade of 1 dead soldier for 9 dead cultists.

  15. I'm not the one claiming to know exactly what happened as if by being a witness. Or are you just parroting a narrative you heard elsewhere?

  16. You're parroting a narrative you literally made up, reported by no one, confirmed by literally no evidence.

  17. Yes I have plenty of change, thank you for asking

  18. Yeah, so for instance if you leave today you'll only arrive yesterday.

  19. Idk I watched the entirety of the guild, I think that takes place 90% in front of their computers. Some of the most fascinating things I do are on my ass, I'm more impressive stationary and partially recumbent.

  20. my boss encouraged me to use it. he uses it. cat's out of the bag, but yeah, it's good advice

  21. Your boss wants you to help engineer your own obsolescence

  22. I’m fairly sure there wasn’t a GBA version of Podracer. There was a Gameboy color version though.

  23. You're absolutely right, I remember now, it had that rumple pack that made it stick out super far and kill the battery on my Gameboy color

  24. Not to be that guy again but didn’t the rumble carts have their own battery?

  25. Man I thought the game was for GBA I have no idea

  26. Man, it's hard to decide which one looks more fuckable.

  27. REAL men also eat their STEAK with their HANDS while HUDDLED OVER THEIR PLATE while GROWLING and WARDING OFF any LESSER MEN.

  28. Depending on their level of indoctrination it would probably be very distressing to hear whatever the Tau thought of the emperor, not some deified messiah but a decrepit old half dead man interned in his tomb. Failing that there would be little to no upward mobility for any human, a commander in the human auxiliaries would be about as high as you'd ever get, and it would have no prestige next to a proper Tau caste member. And again depending on their level of interconnectivity they would be cut off from the greater human world, anyone who defected from the Guard left their family back home and now have no chance to ever see them again. Anyone who had even a modicum of wealth back home like an officer or merchant would probably find the standard of living below what they're used to, but the regular grubs or ag-worlders would find it a step up.

  29. I think he was literally out of breath at that point, at no point was his mouth open while the balloons were falling, only after when he took a breath did a bunch of paint flow into his mouth. I'd be curious to see it in regular speed.

  30. Everyone in here is wrong, it's Morocco. You get extra point for being first in and holding out the longest.

  31. There is a separate, more formal helmet used for professional sex

  32. Give it as a gift to the ming in a lump sum.

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