Devin, Train, and Destiny argue over whether Miz did anything wrong

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  1. According to wow classic pop… earnings has 13k alliance in the last 7 days and 15k horde…

  2. earnings...? this isn't a realm I have the option to transfer to bro

  3. is eranikus popping? id for sure transfer if it is

  4. The only purpose of the third party investigation is to determine what OTK is going to do with Mizkif. Thats it. If they find enough evidence suggesting he covered up a SA, they'll release him. If they DON'T find enough evidence suggested he covered up a SA, nothing will happen. If they find evidence suggesting that Train/XQC and other parties decided to weaponize this SA to defame OTK via false accusations that were known to be false, they will use that evidence in a lawsuit against Train/XQC and other involved parties. It's not complicated. The guy in the stream claiming to be a "investigator" is a moron and doesn't know what he's talking about and/or doesn't understand the situation at hand.

  5. The words fed into the AI machine to generate this image were: "a realism painting of a long hair bearded bald skinny neckbeard nerd playing world of warcraft in a dirty room"

  6. Except that PPP loans were a specific, targeted measure meant to keep people employed during the pandemic.

  7. college degrees were a specific targeted measure to ensure the brain surgeon inside your head doesn't accidentally cut your dick off during surgery

  8. They FORCED small businesses to close down. People CHOOSE to take out student loans.

  9. its not much a choice if you need a degree to get a relatively good job that can pay for the COL in most areas of the country... people wouldn't choose to pay $200k for a degree if it wasn't somewhat necessary

  10. building a wall that was never actually completed is a bribe for boomer voters

  11. thats so sad. if he didn't raid with randoms, dont think hed get filtered. why not raid with olympus?

  12. I hope you didn't actually pay thousands for these.... toebox looks off, color looks off, they look fake man

  13. Well to start with, people keep posting the same question on Reddit and sometimes it gets me down

  14. unfortunately i feel like all the good questions in the world have been asked and posted :(

  15. My neighbor across the street has two daughters who are porn stars. He has three pet camels.

  16. that dude sounds like a boss. like someone said above, i wonder if he just avoids the internet entirely

  17. Existential dread is a funny thing. It's funny because it's both one of the most unpleasant situations to be in but likewise, one of the most beautiful situations to be in.

  18. Amazon LOTR show, New GOT show, and now a DnD show. Fantasy cinema is thriving and i LOVE IT!!!

  19. I use every now and then. They don’t have a ton in stock, but a search for Carhartt just now showed that they do have some things in stock.

  20. oh never heard of swap. thanks for the suggestion!! ill check it out

  21. ill check this out! i always forget about fb marketplace. thank you!

  22. Get some wire covers for the wires hanging from TV. Can find them on amazon for cheap

  23. more FANTASY SHOES PLEASE!! I want stuff that doesn't exist as retails

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