1. Lmao you’re right, letting it absorb some of the taste of the asphalt makes it all the better for Eagles fans.

  2. Funny Niners fans are so chirpy on the internet but I live in they bBay and it's crickets around here. People in the office have taken down their flags and the hats have switched to Warriors hats. 🦗

  3. Cause they have an obnoxious fan culture in Philly. Just nothing but constant shit spewing out of your mouth. It also doesn’t help that this sub has a majority of Eagles fans so seeing every other post be an Eagles circle jerk is kind of annoying.

  4. I'm no expert but I believe almost all baseball cards are worthless now. Only the Mikey Mantles and rookie Barry Bonds cards are worth anything but those cards are usually sealed in their own plastic card holder thingies. Finding a bunch of random baseball cards in a shoebox in the attic means they are likely worthless.

  5. They weren't good. They were carried by penalties that were a direct result from defensive thinking they had to do too much and because they were gassed from being on the field so long because the offense couldn't do anything.

  6. The offensive couldn't do anything because we tore purdys labia and concused a 53 year old. Y'all could have had Montana in there and he would of gone to the blue tent too. Absolutely embarrassed your O-line. Purdy should file a hurt at work disability claim for using a TE to block Reddick. Bozos. 🤡

  7. Its so weird that Eagles fans are still in this sub. I can't imagine yall are anything but losers. Like your team won. But you didn't. You're a loser who hangs out in subs where people dont like you.

  8. Because I need to be reminded what country I live in on the daily, multiple times.

  9. A football play definitely boned his crush in high school. I'd say his girlfriend but look at him...we know that wasn't happening.

  10. If you think Dak is like Romo you haven’t watched much football in your life. Romo used to drag 3 win teams to 8-8 or 9-7. By the time he got good rosters his body broke down.

  11. I watched enough football to have been there live when Romo got his shit pushed in by the Birds in a win and your in scenerio. Also when Romo fumbled that snap in the playoffs in 2006 exactly which shitty teammate's fault was that. Romo and Dak are the same. When the lights come on they run under the fridge. 🪳

  12. Hey we get it buddy, romo broke your heart, time heals all wounds.

  13. Oh that is rich! Romo broke my heart when he retired because I was afraid the meme material would stop. Thank God for Dak.

  14. About half the swe around me are from the Midwest ¯_(ツ)_/¯ I’ve split the last 10 years between the city and the peninsula.

  15. Interesting. I work as a high voltage electrician with Tesla. Mostly East Coasters and foreigners here. At least in the electrical engineering department.

  16. I live in South Bay pussy. What bar you watching the game? I'll roll through and give you a taste of brotherly love.

  17. Given that you're a San Fran fan, there must be something in the homeless man's piss that you're drinking to be so consistently bad at memes.

  18. They don't even play in San Francisco. They are even farther from their team's namesake city than the Giants are. Sunday the Santa Clara 49ers go home.

  19. I'm going to sound pretty negative here. I grew up in Southern California, and I haven't found comparable Mexican food up here. There was just a welcoming family atmosphere with excellent non-generic food in many local areas in So Cal. Honestly, I've only been satisfied with specific dishes at various places along the I-80 corridor. No one has done it all for me. You're more likely to find taqueria fast food in full service places, so I don't even expect great stuff anymore. Just search out your favorite taqueria and stick with it. I live in Davis, so Taqueria Guadalajara is my go to for a quick lunch or big group cost-effective catering option (that isn't a bunch of pizzas). I work in Vacaville, so I've tried quite a few OK places, too. Tacos Jalisco is easy for me and decent. Just stay away from Murillo's because you'll be sorely disappointed.

  20. Read up on essential oils and vegan recipes. Also pretend to care about minorities and be sure to virtue signal whenever given the chance. Maybe a BLM shirt or a Rosie the Riveter water bottle sticker. You'll clean up.

  21. This and don’t be a dick about it if the giants win or are winning. That’s a good way to get your ass beat LOL. I’ve done it (Cowboys) to MetLife before, only person in any danger in my section was the dude who ran his mouth all game.

  22. It's a bad idea to wear a Giants jersey anywhere. Fuck the Giants. Go Birds.

  23. Does anyone know if the bridge brigade greet him with signs?

  24. Although they believe the US government is actively murdering humans to control the population, they can't be bothered to come out in the rain. Their signs may melt.

  25. My profile? Eat a dick bitch. If civility is weird I'll be that!

  26. While professionalism in the workplace is beneficial for everyone, I believe the trades have an appeal specifically because they don't adhere to the norms of the office space. The types of personalities that thrive In roughneck environments are often times the same ones that are the best tradesmen. Now that doesn't mean hostile work spaces are ok. But don't expect office decorum out of guys who exist in a day to day you couldn't imagine.

  27. Found the tool who's going to put grease on your truck door handles.

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