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  1. Kicking the can down the unfinished streets of a mega housing development program that working-class Chinese people had invested their life-savings into.💨🪞

  2. While we focus on the additional bank fails most likely to come, we must also keep an eye on the mega-disaster event that is Evergrande, a slow moving, yet highly perilous meteorite that is now within atmospheric view. 🙄🥺😳😬🥴😵‍💫

  3. DTPW says:

    Love that he has remained true to himself and his fans.

  4. DTPW says:

    If your company has a 401k, consider using their services fir a personal account. Easy to do.

  5. DTPW says:


  6. DTPW says:

    Never a story about AMC’s ongoing diversification and brand extensions, always on death’s door. We are golden!!!!!! 💎💎💎

  7. DTPW says:

    The new only good thing about the wait has been watching many of mu buys hit Long Term status for future tax purposes.

  8. I think something is happening.

  9. Is there a download bot so I can post this on other social media sites

  10. DTPW says:

    Copy the link from youtube directly.

  11. I put some of that AMC perfectly popcorn in my pulled pork sandwich and now I call it the AMC piggums! His videos are like a video game tutorial. If you pay close enough attention, you'll know what you need to know for the final boss fight.

  12. He's been consistently remarkable!

  13. As I've said for the past two years, post about this person and you raise his profile. That's what he wants. That's why he attacks AMC on a regular basis. His career profile depends on it.

  14. PacWest & First Republic seems to be the two leading the list.

  15. Every time we give focus to this troll we are supporting his career. He knows it, and that's why he singles AMC out. We have a very active community that clicks and comments, which is how he maintains his influence.

  16. Meet you in the parking lot at 2pm!

  17. I'm guessing this is a post-MOASS article?

  18. Good point! My enthusiasm plays to the potential uptick in theater-quality content as we finally hit our post-pandemic stride, though I'm all for streaming series and movies as well.

  19. Just followed. They’re doing amazing work if they can concentrate on the duopoly grift that is Virtu and Citadel and not get distracted by stupid partisan political BS.

  20. Have you done any DD on INvestorTurf? Finding very little. LIke what they are putting out but they are coming in pretty hard, out of know where? Would appreciate any insight into them. Thanks.

  21. I remain skeptical. Their website only has articles from 2023 and seem like grifting articles on “ape” movement. I’ve seen the popular tweets but no proof. But we’ll see as time goes by of their findings .

  22. My feelings exactly. Had never heard of them until yesterday. Haven't been able to get very far on DD around who they are, etc.. yet in one day they went from 4,000 followers on Twitter to just under 10K. All AMC community I would guess. We've seen this before, we need to stay vigilant.



  25. I don't think MOASS is happening in 2023. Don't get me wrong, I would love it to. Up until 2023 I was of the belief it would happen. However, I have come to the realization that AMC is going to win the old-fashion way, by focusing on the health and growth of their business. Again, would love MOASS to happen in 2023, like tomorrow, but this has become a long game for me.

  26. So you’re getting downvoted for giving an honest opinion about realistic expectations? Explains a lot on this sub.

  27. I was surprised by the negative feedback. Have been a loyal ape for longer than most. Heck, I still remember when we were 1,700 members in AMCStock. Back then people would ask questions and share insights. 100% of the time is was best intentions, even when the answer wasn't what you had hoped to hear (ie. when the stock started sliding down from the $70's is one good example).

  28. Hedgies get loans from banks = banks give shorting money to Hedgies


  30. Many companies, including Reddit (see news articles yesterday), are downsizing their expensive commercial space as they move to a hybrid work model.



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