1. Do you sell your designs? It’s an 8 hour trip to your studio from my town 😩

  2. I do sell design stencils, drop me a dm!

  3. Well I would love...all of them? Besides tattooing on ducks. That is not cool. But would you happen to know of a human tattoo artist that does tattoos of Ducks often?

  4. I don’t know someone who specifically does ducks, it would depend on a style, if you like the way o draw I could certainly do a RuneScape themed duck! Have a look at my insta!

  5. Please please never make a Necron one because Necrons hate frogs so much they started the War in Heaven. Even though I'm a Necron player it would be poetic justice

  6. Surprisingly the most requested frog I get is a necron one!

  7. Man would love to book and the make the trip to see you sometime, love your work

  8. Yeha for sure man! If you’re interested drop me a dm!

  9. Oh awesome, all the artwork is! I’d definitely be interested in buying some!

  10. Drop me a dm if you fancy some my guy!

  11. Ahahaha they look amazing! Your guy smashed it! Thanks for asking for the stencils!

  12. You weren’t the first and you won’t be the last too either!

  13. I take commissions so drop me a dm if you’re interested!

  14. How much would you charge to commission a few frogs with max capes? My name is frog related and I’m maxing this spring, I plan on getting a commemorative tattoo and I love your style!

  15. They’re ordered and being made, so hopefully very soon!

  16. Nezzy helm/torso/d legs/boots shit like that

  17. Got one similar design on my page!

  18. Art works dope as fuck, been following you on Insta and seriously debating one

  19. Hell yeah dude, if you want to swing by we can sort you out your own custom frog boi!

  20. Thank you so much, just checked out your insta, holy moly your work is insane!

  21. I would love to see more of these! Curious how you could pull Necrons into frogs!

  22. I will endeavour to pull it off!

  23. Don’t get me wrong, I’m surprised as anyone that’s it’s been so popular,super happy but surprised nonetheless!

  24. Township Tattoo Haddenham, Bucks, UK

  25. These are all commissions so if you want something similar drop me a dm!

  26. I'd kill for a g maul one. That's my nostalgia weapon. That and full mith (cause I didn't like the look of addy).

  27. Well if you’re interested in getting a commission drawing made drop me a dm as I could certainly do that!

  28. Would you be able to do one of these as a bear in stead of a frog? Or would that go against your artistic vision? Would love a sticker or print of a void bear and a Bandos bear in this same style

  29. I take commissions so could make that a reality!

  30. I'm in a Jersey, but it's the new one. Not saying i wouldn't be up for a little ink tourism in the near future ;)

  31. If and when you do, I’m down to clown, or frog, or tattoo, or some combination of all three

  32. I have a page of anime frogs drawn up you can see! If you click on my profile and scroll down you should find them!

  33. This is amazing! The other anime ones were neat as well!! You're pretty awesome.

  34. Ahh thank you! I’m real glad you liked Them!

  35. Why a generic frog when we could have a toadally awesome tatoo? Still like the art!

  36. All toads are frogs but not all frogs are toads

  37. Every time I see mister blobby I can't help but remember when Jack Whitehall was attacked by mr.blobby on a game show

  38. His murderous intent is well known

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