1. Article looks like an easy promo for this special on Hulu. Has anybody watched it yet? Worth a look?

  2. AYN is all caught up on orders. Folks are reporting getting their device in a week or two.

  3. Here's Peter Williams talking about this role in a new interview with GateWorld:

  4. Amazon's copy is vastly superior, especially in the earlier seasons. Netflix has 4:3 episodes at 480p; Amazon's is 16:9 upscaled.

  5. Just because something is upscaled to fit 16:9 actually doesn't mean it's better. I would argue because Netflix has it at the 4:3 aspect ratio and the original filming was for that aspect ratio I think it actually might look better. I know people have a similar debate when talking about the original dragon Ball z and the Blu-ray re-release and people say the original dragon box is the best because it's at that 4:3 original aspect ratio

  6. In this case SG-1 was shot in 16:9 while also "protecting" for 4:3. The show aired on Showtime in 4:3 and then later was released on DVD in 16:9. It's not like they did something foolish like zooming in and cropping a 4:3 image.

  7. The Expanse is one of the best shows in a generation. But Syfy cancelled it and it had to finish out its final three seasons on Amazon.

  8. Really hoping for something like a miniseries down the road! A 2-hour movie doesn't seem like nearly enough for what I've heard about the story contained in those last three books. And obviously the show spent a ton of time setting it all up.

  9. I should add Killjoys to that list. Ship-based show that is a lot of fun.

  10. Perfect! Can't wait till my orange unit arrives. And THANK YOU the tip on this clip shield, which looks BOSS.

  11. Just know I changed some “orange” parts to black.

  12. More than the SD card cover?

  13. I am still waiting on my RP3+, but I know on my Odin the key to getting the right stick screen mapping to work with the camera is to dial down the sensitivity on both the X-axis and Y-axis to 25%. Place it right in the middle of the screen.

  14. The new Splatoon 3 special edition Switch is the OLED model and retails at $360, according to DekuDeals. So yep, if you can find one, go for it.

  15. What about physical games from stores like Best Buy or GameStop?

  16. The major retailers will have Christmas sales on physical games. Not sure if Nintendo will discount a selection of first-party games across the board like they do for BF, which is why the same games are on sale at all the brick-and-mortar retailers.

  17. I spent a little more to get a device quickly from Amazon marketplace ($129 + shipping and a few bucks for the sd2vita adapter). I went back and forth between models forever and finally settled on the 2000. The screen is still beautiful, and I like the thinner and lighter form factor quite a lot.

  18. 351 Elec has a Kid mode that will disable most menu options and require a button code to get back into the full UI.

  19. Check and make sure the cores your games are loading with in RetroArch are compatible with RetroAchievements. Not every core for each system is.

  20. I use my Lenovo Chromebook charger daily.

  21. The new upload will have a lower CTR out of the gate, since a chunk of your subscribers and regulars already saw it. Supposedly over the long term, however, the algorithm is meant to be smart enough to still serve it to the right people. I wouldn't worry too much.

  22. There's a setting to exit Daijisho using the back button, but it doesn't appear to work. I turned it on, rebooted the device, and nothing I do will exit the app when it's set as home.

  23. The latest marketing promo from Game Pass just landed in my inbox, and it has Silksong listed as an upcoming Day 1 title near the bottom.

  24. Not sure how 4PX compares to whatever AliExpress uses, but their tracking falls apart as soon as the package arrives stateside. I ordered a V90 and received constant alerts for updates to the tracking, only to sign on and see that the package hadn't moved. Then it just showed up in my mailbox after a week.

  25. This looks pretty rad. Into the backlog it goes!

  26. I love the Eaglemoss ship models. I love my hardback Star Trek Encyclopedia, and things like the technical manuals.

  27. Retro Game Corps' guides (written and video) make it a breeze. Arcade games can be more challenging due to their nature -- the key is to just acquire a specific romset for the emulation core (e.g. Final Burn Alpha).

  28. What’s up with used games for sale that have no case? Is that a sign they’re counterfeit or something? I’ve seen some sellers on EBay have dozens of a particular title available and no cases. I’m trying to avoid getting scammed and this looks a little fishy. Anyone have good or bad experiences with sellers like this before?

  29. In addition to the other reasons given, I have a few used games I bought from the Redbox kiosks back when they had Switch games. They used the Redbox cases and obviously not the original Switch cases.

  30. If you don't want to go through any rigamarole, I guess the easiest out would be to go buy a new Switch (or you can get a nice refurbished unit from Nintendo, when they're in stock -- just without a retail box), and then relist the ebay item.

  31. 6x03 "Descent" is a great episode!

  32. Thank God, our long nightmare is over.

  33. Each island is tied to the Switch it's on (not a player's account). So the result is that two players on the same Switch must share an island, and the same player using two different Switches is going to end up with two islands.

  34. Glad to see this. Any intel on the speed of shipping for the orange / yellow model?

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