1. Odin 2, Steam Deck, or the Odin Pro (if you're OK with only being able to play some of the PS2 library).

  2. Somebody needs to remove the listing from IMDb. This film was confirmed dead in 2016 for Ra's sake.

  3. Is superior pro or team group 1tb micro sd legit for $50??

  4. 1TB for $50 ... no, not advised. Stick with name brand cards -- Sandisk, Samsung, Lexar, PNY.

  5. Is it bad to use a non name brand card? It's only gonna store data, it shouldn't be a problem for gaming

  6. If a "too good to be true" cheap card doesn't end up being a scam, cheap cards have a high failure rate. This is an issue in the emulation community, for example, where Chinese manufacturers ship SD cards loaded with ROMs that will inevitably fail and force the user to find the files to rebuild it on a new card.

  7. Occasionally episode orders will vary, for boring distribution reasons. IIRC "Fail Safe" did originally air first on Sky, probably because it was delivered first.

  8. My primary problem with the ending is one of my main problems I have with most Doctor Who episodes I don't like—the resolution of the plot is basically made up on the spot with no set up. The idea that Rose was had inherited part of the meta-crisis, and had these abilities that tied into her gender identity is a really cool one, but wasn't set up AT ALL throughout the episode. It's only revealed to the audience at the point it becomes useful, which takes out any satisfaction from it.

  9. I didn't mind Rose inheriting the metacrisis. In fact I loved it. We've known for years that the Doctor has 2 hearts. Having the solution be that Donna's child meant there were 2 hearts was great.

  10. Yes ... and not only was the solution to a life-ending, 15-year-old meta-crisis "let it go" but RTD then had to hang a lantern on it by suggesting that the Doctor could have figured out his ultra simple solution and save the life of his best friend if only he'd been a woman. Because women understand that you can just "let go" of your Time Lord meta-crisis energy?

  11. Sewing in some hints about Rose having inherited the meta-crisis would have helped significantly, I agree. Have the Doctor drawn to Rose, try to figure out why she has the abnormal energy about her, and only then reveal that she's Donna's daughter. You can plant seeds without tipping your hand that this is going to be how Donna's life is saved from the meta-crisis at the end of the hour.

  12. You'll want to tinker with the performance settings within RPCS3 itself, and also make sure the game you are trying to play has a sufficiently high

  13. Retro Game Corps has the best guides for my money, both written and on YouTube:

  14. Maybe more of an oldie than a hidden gem, but I never played the Portal games. Just picked up the 1&2 bundle for $1.48!

  15. Hey there, sorry for the bother Just a quick question. I see a lot of games that are on sale that end on December 4th! Would it be a good time to buy them or is there usually a bigger sale later on towards Christmas (it's P5 Strikers, P4 Ultimax, Scott Pilgrim, and P3 and P4 Bundle.)

  16. This is the Black Friday sale on right now, and we'll see additional large and medium-sized sales between now and early January. There's usually a smaller sale around the Game Awards (early Dec.), a large sale the week of Christmas, and a large New Year's sale after the 1st.

  17. I notice that the Star Wars games were put on sale on the E-shop just recently. I don't plan to buy all of them (since some of them I'm not the most fond of. But I aim to get some of them) I know we have the physical heritage pack coming soon, but for someone that mostly just wants KotoR and Force Unleashed. (Maybe Jedi Academy/Jedi Outcast, but haven't decided) is right now a good price or could there be a possibility they might put those games on a better discount thru the E-shop on May 4th? (I don't recall if they did that before or not for these games and/or if it was a reoccurring trend beforehand.)

  18. You can look up sales history for specific games over at Deku Deals. The older Star Wars games go on sale pretty often, and these days 50% off is pretty standard:

  19. Is there a way for dekudeal notify me if there is a sale across all regions? Or a site that could do it?

  20. None that I'm aware of. I suppose you could manually create accounts for the regions you want to keep an eye on, and forward all the notification emails to your main inbox ... but there are a lot of Switch regions.

  21. This is a great comparison between the RP3+ (which I love) and the RG505:

  22. I'm also brand new to the Deck and am struggling with getting a good percentage of my (light, mostly indie) PC games working.

  23. No, I just got lucky and saw they had stock when I checked (just after the OLED announcement). It took me a while to successfully check out because the different models were coming in and out of stock. Not sure how regular this is, or if I just got lucky with an active day.

  24. I went with a 256GB refurbished LCD, a 512GB microSD card, and a budget Deck dock from Amazon. Planning to try docked with a LAN line and an Xbox controller.

  25. Not seeing a lot of great deals so far, TBH. Luigi's Mansion and Wii Sports for $20. Sparks of Hope for $15.

  26. He might be sleeping. Head right and look for a way down. Numma numma numma.

  27. It arrives tomorrow! Super stoked to join the club after eyeing the Deck since it was first announced.

  28. Seems a little sketch. There's no reason wifi wouldn't work unless this seller got some broken units and is unloading them as made with less features.

  29. Every time I get a new handheld I legit play SMB 1-1. It's a nice way to show my 11-year-old self how far we've come.

  30. I see several listings on AliExpress from reliable-looking sellers at around $53. There's one more day left on the 11.11 sale, $4 off each $20 spent, which knocks this down to around $45.

  31. If he's a hardcore connoisseur who wants a top-of-the-line system that is targeting 60 fps and 4K whenever possible on the newest and most processor-intensive AAA titles, the X is the clear way to go.

  32. Okay cool. Will there be instructions on how to do that when I get one? I have very basic rom skills from the one time I tried to build myself a raspberry pi console and failed lol

  33. Reliable ROMs to curate your own collection are just a google away. "Tiny Best Set: GO" is currently popular and making setup a breeze on devices that run at PS1 and below.

  34. I debated it for maybe an hour, then bought a 256GB refurbished. Still waiting for the delivery! But I'm pretty thrilled that the model I wanted basically dropped $230 overnight.

  35. You definitely have plenty of choices for Dreamcast, PSP, and below in that price range. You might think about device size, OS, and whether you prefer a vertical (Gameboy style) or horizontal layout. It's also worth considering whether you'd like to stick with a 4:3 screen for those older systems, or go with something wider like 16:9 to maximize PSP and GBA.

  36. I think there was a typo there: did you mean to say DC (i.e. Dreamcast) and PSP libraries?

  37. Yes! Should be DC rather than GC. ;) All fixed.

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