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  1. “Welcome to Costco. I love you.”

  2. Asperger’s and suicidal ideation are both disqualifying. Don’t try to hide it. Go in a different direction with your life. The Navy will only make these things worse.

  3. If you plan on mounting a tv maybe put some wood bracing for mounting between studs

  4. Thanks! I guess MCs would be helpful too, but I’m looking more for the commissioned perspective.

  5. ask your questions here so that others can benefit from the information provided.

  6. I'm currently active duty USAF PA, pursuing a commission in either the AF or the Navy. My dad was a Navy PAO for 22 years but has been out since 2009, and I'm just wanting to get a feel for what like in the Navy is like for a PAO today, whether it's the number of deployments or the sea/shore rotation tempo. I'm also married (dual military) to another AD AF member and am wondering if being in separate branches would prove too difficult, but I know PA is at nearly every base so hopefully it would be easier to keep us together.

  7. PAO is a tough designator to break into. CONUS bases are primarily manned by civilian PAOs. Most likely for your first assignment, You’d either go to a ship as a deputy PAO, or to a shore-based NPASE unit which will deploy aboard ships.

  8. When things are going great, officer life is fabulous. When things aren't going great, it's can suck to be an officer.

  9. Radio is where the real regional differences are.

  10. I’m a full non-believer. Been active duty 24 years and never felt like it was evangelical. Certain ceremonies have invocations or benedictions but they haven’t seemed over the top. I’m sensitive to it and have never felt preached to. Just one person’s perspective.

  11. When I got commissioned after 12 years of enlisted service, I did not have a chaplain or prayer at the ceremony. It blew a bunch of people’s minds.

  12. While it's usually reported in the TOC, most troops don't pay a lick of attention. I've been at the base of a C-RAM test firing a few times. That video doesn't do justice to the bowel loosening feeling you get when it goes off.

  13. I miss Doc Punch and Jeanne Zelasko.

  14. Just read the original post. Hilarious stuff!


  16. The other half? Right in the trash!

  17. He’s keeping the ticks out of the engine.

  18. That’s bigdaddydontplay and his big tittie’d goth raver doll


  20. It blows my mind. All we thought about 24/7 in the 80s was sex.

  21. A Blackhawk pilot showing off is pretty much their natural state of being. One of the worst experiences in my life was overhearing two aviation officers talking about their hair and skincare routines and products for over an hour.

  22. MH-6 Little Bird pilots are crazier.

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