1. Some of us, unfortunately, already knew this lol

  2. This has been known for a while now but good sleuthing!

  3. Beatport’s search is almost the worst I’ve ever used…

  4. I’ve got some fur lined Maddens with a winter sole for casual, and big clonky sorels for when it dumps, both Winners findsb

  5. Are we really calling a few inches snowmageddon now fawwwkkk

  6. Give it some time… it’s good to know the various softwares, and won’t take you too long to get comfortable. Never know what you’re gonna have to jump on at a party! I’ve played on a S4 MK3 at a few parties, it’s a nice piece of kit and wasn’t too hard to get used to on the fly with some background in RB and Serato, although I was sweatin’ it that first time lol. At least U get to learn it in the comfort of your home! :)

  7. Going into guest services best but if not call them up and they can do the upgrade over the phone… don’t just buy a new one

  8. Aww thank you! It always touches my heart, when someone knows we are not there to serve peanuts :) appreciated

  9. Yeah…. Pre boarding is so easy!!! They had that opportunity as well. Fuck ‘em!

  10. You’re not my maaaaaaaaam don’t tell me what to do!!!!!

  11. I love how the math doesn’t check out 🤣 this is the level of regard they are dealing with

  12. I think they really pretty useless under L5, and might as well wait til 10 if ur first gen ones are maxed

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