1. Run the jewels is amazing but you gotta give some of the newer generation a chance like tyler the creator, earl sweatshirt, denzel, jid, boldy james and just almost anything that the alchemist produced is amazing

  2. DJ1L says:

    they alll have music i like. carti is just not for me. my body rejects it like country line dancing. lmao. hella people are influenced by that shit, too. country line dancing is the goat.

  3. Yeah i get that but for me its not only bout music with carti he also inspired me heavely with fashion and just how he performs is insane . But i respect your opinion tho and het where youre coming from. I myself dont really like the old school rappers beside eazy-e, nwa, nas and apache but i heavly repsect people lke tupac, biggie, ice cube, snoopp and dre and stuff

  4. DJ1L says:

    there are so many lanes for success now. it's great. huge fan bases within hip hop can exist without ever knowing of each other. and are equally popular. fuckin wild.

  5. Have u listened to Creepin On Ah Come Up and E.1999 Eternal?

  6. Nah bro 😭 creepin on ah come up is so good man

  7. DJ1L says:

    hey yo. im not the arbiter of good. like what you like. im just not fuckin with that style. ever. lmao. i have strong opinions about some other beloved artists, too. lol

  8. you can drag and drop any video file over any audio file while its playing and it will play it. you can also save video/image association with that specific audio.

  9. every hip hop murder.

  10. 🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤

  11. because its a wack video edit of other nwa videos made to look like a Fuck tha Police video because there isnt an official video for it.

  12. And whats exactly it is? He is not beatmatching because he prepared it before recording. This is not "on the fly" mix, it is rehearsed - you cant mix like this live..

  13. he's slamming tracks or scratch dropping them. no real blending. you probably wouldn't want to mix those anyway because they aren't sequenced.

  14. And have a really good fit on the spindle. A lot of 45s have worn out center holes from jukebox abuse, and a little wiggle room there will cause your needle to jump.

  15. we would just wedge a small piece of paper in the hole to tighten it up.

  16. lmao. this shit is all off beat. cmon, yo. stop it.

  17. i feel like Ghostwriter by Skillz is one of the greatest diss tracks of all time. he calls out a lot of rappers he wrote for.

  18. are you talking about this song?

  19. Ahahahah thanks! That explains why I could never find it. Thanks so much for clearing that up!!

  20. i just googled Alien Workshop Mindfield soundtrack

  21. Do you not understand how threads work? I was replying to the deleted person before they were deleted. Sorry for defending you lmao

  22. your comment is confusing. you said "if he's lying show proof." that sounds like you want me to prove he's lying. he didn't call me a liar. i called him a liar. so your wording wasnt clear. but thank you. lol

  23. sure. just as long as its dope. but will there be A.I. concerts, too? probably.

  24. my friends have a label that get the rights to release old school releases and demos on limited vinyl. all legit. youll definitely find some obscure joints on there.

  25. nice. he's one of the best dudes on the planet.

  26. Jay Z. i feel he makes music for grownups. eminem seems to keep trying to stay edgy. but ive also stopped listening to Em albums a while ago. has he grown up yet?

  27. Cleanin Out My Closet, Sing for the Moment, Superman, Till I Collapse…

  28. meh. i dont think any of these are good. superman is especially awful to me.

  29. fair enough, not everyone’s gonna like everything. I personally think they’re great

  30. word. he is definitely talented. but his content isnt my cup of tea anymore.

  31. lol. i just did a show in Edmonton last night and the soundguy said this when i assured him that i wouldn't redline.

  32. Cole is literally the one who told Dre about him, but whatever you say. And I've stated nothing but facts as well, Jay Rock being on strange isn't what made his career. Do you even know just how awful strange music is?

  33. and you obviously never listened to Mayday or Ubi. now i really know you dont know shit. you can defend wayne but you dont know him. i know artists on strange. i tour with them. so i can tell you real fuckin facts about hip hop. not the shit you read about on the internet. so now youre talking about my friends and im not havin it, yo. oh and remember the band lil wayne hyped up? that was Mayday. so even your favorite rapper fucks with Mayday.

  34. Lmao nope, never heard of em. I strike a nerve? There's been so many artists completely dumpstered by strange, and respectfully I do not care that you tour with em. Anyway idc, you wanna be ignorant, fine by me, ima just chill and listen to what I like, good day man

  35. lil Wayne is still wack af. enjoy wack shit. and don't forget to wash your hands after holding his nuts.

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