1. Honestly, I would be saddened if this was any kind of hot take. This has to be one of the best finale movie battles I’ve ever seen, it’s absolutely wild

  2. You’d be surprised, I’ve encountered people saying that this fight is full of silly shit and have met others that prefer the sequels.

  3. I mean preferring the sequels overall or not, this sequence is definitely the best part of the prequels

  4. I’d say it’s impossible not to have death grip if you’re circumcised honestly, since going slower and looser does nothing

  5. I see this is mainly just a criticism of season 4 and the ending, which is very far from the entire story. In my mind, seasons 1-3 are pretty much perfect, filled to the brim with genius writing and top tier moments. Honestly, to put it bluntly I think everyone in this comments section is fake. Everyone who is commenting, passionate about the ending and worldbuilding being bad is here because of how amazing they found most of the story up until a certain point. But of course everyone is gonna turn around now and act like the entire thing is bad when that couldn’t be further from the truth. Just remember how you used to feel about attack on Titan. All of that story is still there, it never got deleted or anything

  6. I honestly didn’t expect to see TGAA as the example of this post, it’s such an amazing game

  7. I mean let's keep hateful people out of our movement. Like why is that so complicated? Yeah Nick Fuentes can be opposed to RIC, but he's still a Nazi and I don't want him or his ilk anywhere near the movement.

  8. 100%, our movement is devalued the second it looks like we support insane right wingers

  9. Exactly, but people on this subreddit either are just right wing grifters or are actually oblivious to the damage far right wingers can do

  10. I feel like the majority are actually sane people who care about the movement, just they aren’t posting as much

  11. I’m in disbelief that Tucker Carlson is being posted here. This makes me sad about the future of this movement

  12. Ye loves jewish people. He has said that many many times. He loves all people. And hes jewish so how can he be antisemitic ???

  13. You are insane. He is posting swastikas and is having a full mental breakdown while saying he likes Hitler. There is no reason to give him any benefit of the doubt or try to defend him

  14. They’re both just as attractive, maybe even leaning towards Satsuki, but I feel like she doesn’t really fit the word cute

  15. Who is.....the Front Man? What is his real identity?

  16. In my opinion, it has a range between 10/10 songs and 1/10 songs, so it’s very far from perfect

  17. Hot take: I don’t really like the music that was replaced in royal.

  18. I feel like he’s overrated not in that what he did wasn’t despicable, but in the fact that he is somehow the focus of 50% of the time someone mentions Fullmetal. Like there is nothing much people really say about the show other than make some joke about him and his daughter, so it’s kind of annoying

  19. My senior year was fully online because of covid so the senioritis was probably like quadrupled

  20. I feel like the difference is it’s not a story that goes past where it should, the premise of the story requires it to be as long as it is and rather than passing its prime, it is constantly reaching new heights even now

  21. I really wish more people gave Fire Force a chance because I don’t think enough people know how fucking trippy the story becomes

  22. I mean thats one of the reasons im not excited about it having watched the anime

  23. If you watch this one you’ll become one of those people that says “nothing can compare to Cowboy bebop! It’s superior” and talks down abt every other one (jk)

  24. The beat slaps, the rapping is as one-note and generic as can be

  25. This is the worst way ive seen someone use legos lmao

  26. I love that in English Nanako is obsessed with a objectively bad jingle. Makes me sympathize with a young girl in a town so small this is one of the most interesting things going on.

  27. The other one is even worse it doesnt even make sense

  28. Honestly what I respectfully don’t understand is how conservatives can write posts like this and still vote R. If all this is what they are doing, what could possibly still make them worth voting! “As crazy as the left is,” when the left is just the other option to forcing children to carry their rapists’ children, what is it that really makes them “so crazy”

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