Bf thinks she’s ugly. I think he has no idea about cats. What do you guys think?

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  1. I'm in the same boat, but M here. It's always up to the individual person to decide how they feel, where they are in life. Having said that, we all have to soldier on. You're young. Be fair and honest with people you deal with, as well as yourself, and that's all you can do. I try to remember that this person showing interest in me in the present is a whole new experience. This is not the same person who hurt me, etc. Sometimes it's hard to focus because past pain creeps in, but you have to give yourself and this new person a good chance.

  2. There are so many factors involved, but the gist of it is: For the well being of everyone, keep your beloved pet on a leash. There are all kinds of dogs out there, not to mention all types of human beings, be smart about it. It's pretty simple.

  3. I absolutely hate people who just walk up and pet my dog without asking. Honestly the worst kind of people in the world. I’m hard pressed to think of a group I hate more. My all time favorite is when I say “please don’t pet him he may bite you” and the response is “but he’s so cute….I’ll take my chances…”.

  4. This is one of my biggest pet peeves. When they approach without asking, my go to is "my dog's being trained" but if they persist I say please keep your distant, he's not great with people/animals. You can't win with some folks.

  5. This is me to a T, my dude. I've tried to articulate this to friends and will show them your post. It's a frustrating situation and has caused me a lot of stress over the years. It's conditioned me to be almost... the opposite sex. It seems like I can't "win", no matter what. As soon as I show interest, things go downhill. Very unfair, to say the least.

  6. I was just thinking about this today. I have Prime and order stuff off of there just about every week and have been doing so for years. Anyone can see their shady business practices. One of the biggest examples of this is how everything use to have it's own/individual review. Then they went and merged a lot of similar items into a single review. This in fact hides/blurs the quality of items. Then Newegg started doing this sh!+, too. I have enough sense to break down the reviews [show verified reviews only, etc.], which helps, but it's not a perfect solution. Can't think of a bigger red flag, but, here I am, like millions of others, continuing to use their services. WTF.

  7. This has happened to me many times and it sucks.

  8. Tin foil is really thin so in the manufacturing process they roll 2 foils at the same time, the face/s that touch the rollers are shiny and the other ones are not. That is basically it.

  9. Interesting. Did not know that, but it makes sense.

  10. I'd like to help you but you need to include a lot more info if you want any one online to possibly make headway with your issue(s). At any given time, there are hundreds, maybe thousands on here asking for PC help.

  11. If your board supports it, what about 16 x 1GB sticks? /s

  12. Yeah, I don't know what that first person is saying, either 🤔.

  13. I was just trying, in the most concise way, to describe the raw power available here to a friend...🤔🧐😐😵.

  14. I don't understand this kind of mentality. In this day and age, if a single person wanted their pronoun addressed correctly, a lot of people would back them, especially in Western countries. If an entire nation wants their name pronounced correctly, what their actual name is, it's some how an inconvenience. Put another way, has anyone mispronounced your name IRL? If so, do you recall being annoyed? Now imagine if millions, maybe billions of people, did that for decades.

  15. If that person commited genocide, denied it, and was actively persecuting minorities, I doubt people would care to back them either.

  16. How serious people take celebrities of any medium will always crack me up :disapproval::facepalm:.

  17. Kailb bin al Walid one of mohammeds most valued followers w as a cannibal. So cannibalism , is a dark part of islam ,! and he wasn't the only on s , the history of the mohammedian dynasty reports. The show therefore , whilst controversial and offensive , was accurate

  18. WTF are you talking about? Hasbara nonsense, perhaps? Khalib, not Kalib, bin al'Walid is regarded by non-Muslim historians as one of the greatest military leaders in the Islamic world.

  19. "I will convert to Muslim for her". BWAHAHAH! You'd convert to Islam once you became a Muslim. Islam is the religion, Muslims are its followers. Cheers 😃.

  20. Soon after, the security gate was declared an antisemite and Palestinian sympathizer. Home demolition and US Congress aid package on route.

  21. The Chronicles of Riddick and The 13th Warrior. Both underrated and great movies.

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