1. Lol Jesus wasn’t white but kylie also pretends not be white :)

  2. Is this not how everyone drinks? I’m from Eastern Europe and this is how we drink shots?

  3. Am I too old to understand that fashion, is that something that young kids are into these days?

  4. Does someone who knows law can explain if that restraining order would be put in place without any evidence?

  5. Check out this product Holland & Barrett Hair Vitamin Pineapple Flavour 60 Gummies from Holland & Barrett

  6. I think there's still good fashion editorials out there, you just need to look for more foreign magazines or indie ones because Vogue US is definitely not doing its part lol

  7. What always bothers me with those edits is that those changes are so small, nobody would even notice.

  8. i'm supposed to buy skincare products from a man who reportedly hardly takes any showers and reeks on set?

  9. I know the importance of this fuck up but do you think they know?

  10. If I had a dollar for each time a cis man messaged me on Her, I'd probably be able to afford a subscription.

  11. Wait I don’t know if I get it right: there is an app for gay women and men are there?

  12. So it seems that Kim has created her own Private Equity Firm and has made Kris Jenner a partner. I assume it will basically provide financial backing and make investments in the private equity of startup or already operating companies - focusing on consumer products, digital & e-commerce, consumer media, hospitality and luxury.

  13. Americans on Tik tok are now discovering that you can dry clothes outside -.-

  14. It took me two years for someone to suggest that maybe I could be referred to hospital for smear tests where they can give me some form of anaesthesia, and only after my own internet research I was able to find out that

  15. When I saw it at first I thought it was a fake poster.

  16. But why was Kylie crying for 3 weeks 🤔 also of course the “Kylie never shows up” storyline continues for the millionth time. And of course Kim trying to explain herself to the fans

  17. Postpartum depression is my guess, cause you can bet it wasn’t astroworld

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