1. Nope you are the only one who likes dogs. What's with this subreddit and putting "does anyone else"? The answer is always yes. Yes, other people out of all the 1000s of ppl on this sub does or like the thing you do.

  2. out of 1000s of people in this sub you are one of like 3 who are invalidating.

  3. just ask... It's really not hard. Ask the autistic person if they would like to not be autistic anymore. Some might say yes. There's nothing wrong with that.

  4. not everyone who has a disorder or disability wants a cure. You can both be happy with who you are, and struggle with certain things.

  5. ice packs - wrists, head, neck, feet, anywhere there's blood closer to the skin.

  6. To preface: I don’t think what you’re really asking is relevant to this particular dude, per se. So I’m not going focus too much on him. The reason is because I think the larger issue that you’re having may not necessarily be relevant to him.

  7. that was really well put except for the advice to go polyamorous.

  8. they might be feelings, not from sensory things.

  9. antidepressants were pretty awful for me. i take a low dose of a bipolar one and it's going somewhat ok i think. I'm not sure what else to say about the whole thing...it has its phases.

  10. not sure why the pile on. hope you're having a nice day. welcome.

  11. Yes it sounds similar in parts and I've seen similar stories. That's great you're working with a great therapist. Welcome!

  12. can you refuse the ABA-type aspects and keep working with her? You could bring in documentation and people's self reports about the harms of things like desensitisation. She must have other ideas about ways to work together.

  13. It’s totally fine to go through the process of self-diagnosis. If you live in the USA, you might want to be careful with trying to get a professional diagnosis; a professional diagnosis of ASD may be extremely helpful if you are specifically seeking accomodations. BUT, a professional diagnosis of ASD may be harmful to some things, for example you wouldn’t be able to immigrate to certain countries (like Australia)

  14. Australia has a couple of options to waive that requirement or appeal. It depends on the support needs as well as other factors.

  15. No, there's plenty of advocates for women. Upvoting in this sub helps. You're doing enough.

  16. Hey everyone - while trying to update the list of Amber supporters hosted over at Deuxmoi, I kept getting an error message. Seems that I've hit that 40,000 character limit. In the past, I've gotten this message before, but have simply been able to bypass it by switching from Fancy Pants Editor to Markdown Mode or vice versa. That didn't work this time, however.

  17. Complicit in the same way people who buy diamonds are complicit in the deaths in the industry, complicit in the same way any drug abusers are complicit in the deaths caused in the country/communities involved. Complicit in the same way drinking Coke makes you complicit in all their evils and in buying from Amazon makes you complicit in their business practices.

  18. They're completely different levels of complicity conceptually. Same way defamation laws don't cover misinformation about vaccines etc. Alex Jones has to pay up because it was personal.

  19. OP trusts the therapist, just not the internet. Read it again.

  20. I’ve gone from “both were awful” to “Depp was clearly abusive but I have no opinion about Amber as a person” to “Amber seems so genuinely kind and thoughtful and selfless” and it just makes what’s happening to her even more enraging.

  21. I think a lot of people also got caught up in thier own savior complex. They convinced themselves that Johnny was the "underdog" and was getting a chance to be heard.

  22. Yeah I'm not sure about that because no one acts like that about female victims of IPV. People still place some responsibility on the woman for getting involved or not leaving. Even if they don't come right out and say, well why didn't she just leave, it's a thing, and that was completely absent about him when Depp was supposedly the victim of IPV. So even if it is a saviour thing, it's still a misogyny thing. What they thought he was helpless to I don't know, apparently men aren't expected to make good decisions.

  23. I want to push back on "It has nothing to do with manipulation." There are definitely people who were convinced by the campaign who are not bleeding out their internal misogyny, who believed the people around them who were spreading this stuff. That is how these types of mob campaigns work best... when someone a person trusts & believes is reasonable props the PR campaign up.

  24. I would prefer they all examine why the are convinced easily and/or absorbed and hold underlying harmful attitudes, and take a long hard look at themselves. We don't need them "on our side." We need them to think critically and self reflect.

  25. Absolutely! That's so great you did that for your friend. I have had to learn to be more assertive for myself., after suffering a few other very similar experiences.

  26. Yeah but people say that as if it's so easy. When you've had bad experiences and you're stressed and you don't know what is going on within yourself, "be assertive" is too simplistic. I saw that some people take a man in who believes them, to be able to get somewhere with these things. Way she goes.

  27. I certainly wasn't judging or saying anyone should just be assertive, I was just saying I've gotten better at it myself, having been through a lot. It certainly is very hard and taking a man is a great strategy- sad that it is necessary.

  28. how the ever loving f*** does bettina arndt have an order of Australia?

  29. Question: do they ever wedgie/get up in your butt cheeks or up in between your lady bits (making an assumption about biological sex here, apologies if it's not a correct assumption)? This is my number one problem with underwear. I have to wear it because no underwear is an even worse sensory nightmare for me, but I hate hate hate that all women's underwear seems to be designed to live in between our butt cheeks for sexiness reasons. And the crotch area of women's underwear is so small, I swear. It gets in between my bits inside my jeans and it drives me crazy. I just wanna be comfy!

  30. you can get a size or two up. hipster ones that are fairly low across the thighs are good. if you wear mens ones over them it can help. or just wear mens ones. the boxer briefs or trunks. buying men's underwear is cheaper than special "boys briefs" made for women.

  31. I've definitely been thinking about trying men's boxer briefs, lol. The only reason I haven't yet is the same reason I don't wear men's clothes in general: I have wide hips and a small waist, and men's clothes rarely can accommodate that. But it's on my list to try for sure!

  32. oh i must get the low ones. yeah my hips are huge too.

  33. Ok, well tell that to the plurality who voted for Sinn Fein in the last NI council elections. Similarly, tell it to everyone who voted pan-blue in Taiwan, who oppose the pan-green position of advocating for independence (a coalition which, mind-blowingly, includes the KMT).

  34. I don't think it was. She wasn't actively fighting it that whole time; she went into remission for years and years in between each bout with the disease.

  35. She also was honoured for her services to charity, cancer research and entertainment by the Queen. She established the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness and Research Centre in her hometown of Melbourne.

  36. Yup! With your last paragraph, I wanted to jump in and say that what's interesting is that Depp does portray her (at times) as a "nagging controlling bitch."

  37. also they follow you around. one of the ladies on the dv screening initial call asked that as a question and i didn't know it was an abuse thing. like you might try to discuss something and then it's not going well and you want to leave it at that for another time but they won't let you. probably over time she learned she couldn't just walk away when it was getting heated. "nagging" my rear end.

  38. Getting my period during active birth control pills, not in my designated week. Essentially it seems like it's negating my birth control entirely.

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