1. Because the pizza is too hot to hold with my hand but not too hot to put in my mouth

  2. For theories, maybe check out Tony Sewell? I think he did a study on black Caribbean families

  3. Definitely use stale bread, and something like a brioche or challah is great for French Toast

  4. I love tofu. It can be prepared amazingly. One time, though, I ordered a tofu dish at a restaurant. I got a slice of tofu with sauce drizzled on top. It wasn't cooked or anything. The chef just took the block of tofu, sliced a chunk off, plated it, and drizzled some sauce on top. Horrible!

  5. Did the restaurant not specify that it was not going to be cooked? because this sounds like a common dish made with silken tofu and a vinegar and soy sauce dressing

  6. Sit down with your recipes and a notebook. Start with the time you want to serve things and work backwards. For example, if you're eating at five and your roast needs to cook for 4 hours and rest for half an hour before carving, then you know you want to start carving at 4:50, take it out of the oven at 4:20, and put it in the oven at 12:20. Do this for each dish and then compare what you have. See which foods will stay hot for awhile like baked potatoes, and which need to go straight from the oven to the table like mushrooms. Tweak your schedule accordingly. Then you can keep working backwards to plan your prep time as well.

  7. This definitely! Also a cooler lined with foil can also keep stuff warm ironically

  8. Maybe you'll can try to cook a feast from multiple different cuisines? Indian, Greek, Pakistani, Mexican, Turkish, etc, all have delicious food that utilize the stove. I'm biased because I'm Indian, but a full spread of Indian dishes such as biryani, butter chicken, paneer tikka sounds incredible rn. Hope you enjoy whatever you cook, and update us with your final decision, it may help someone else in the future!

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