1. IMHO deutlich zu teuer für das alte Dingen, selbst wenn der Zustand top ist.

  2. Danke für deine Einschätzung! Mit dem Rahmen sehe ich ähnlich, suche aber auch deshalb diese Größe.

  3. Thanks for the write up! Can you comment on the difference between the program materials and the “live session” content you referred to? Is it different, or are the exact same topics covered in both, only in slightly different formats?

  4. For inspiration, have a look at one of the recent Lenny‘s Newsletters:

  5. Where do you recruit your users and how? Maybe that is something you could experiment with?

  6. Continuous Discovery Habits - Teresa Torres. Currently reading it after several blog posts she authored, and I really like it so far.

  7. When I think of my career trajectory I think of it in terms of a Learning vs Earning comparison. If I'm not learning much (aka I am very competent in the role and delivering more value to the organisation than the organisation is delivering back to me) then I expect a higher compensation, however if I am learning more and the organisation is delivering me more value than I am delivering it I concede that a lower wage is appropriate/suitable. I've spent my entire career using this outlook and it's really helped me plot out/plan career moves.

  8. Thanks for your perspective, that is really helpful. I like the framework idea and would re-formulate my earlier statements after additional rounds with prospective team members. I am certain I can learning something, while also bringing additional skills to the team in place. In addition, I really like the culture and the people and I am looking forward to working in a new environment that is much more purpose-driven.

  9. Halte schon beide Augen offen aber gibt hier in der Gegend nicht wirklich viel, gerade wenn man ein wenig in einer Nische hockt und 100% Remote möchte ich eher nicht.

  10. Es gibt sehr vier Arbeitgeber in der Zwischenzeit, die grundsätzlich Remote arbeiten und dann das Team zum Beispiel eine Woche pro Monat oder so ins gemeinsame Büro holen. Vielleicht wäre das was - halte die Augen mal danach offen oder frag einfach direkt bei spannenden Unternehmen an, ob sowas möglich wäre.

  11. I worked in this area when I first transitioned to PM from data analytics.

  12. Really insightful, thanks for the feedback. Especially the speed and cost aspects.

  13. Thanks to all of you for the replies. Really interesting to learn about your focus areas and the problems you are solving - very much appreciated!

  14. So at my company, a fellow PM stepped down and I spent some time supporting him through options and stuff. The result was a mix of exercises we went through that made it “crystal clear” according to him what he wants to transition into. Would you be willing to go through those exercises? If so, I’ll share a miro board in a reply with what to do

  15. Did you come up with those exercises yourself or are they base in something?

  16. Since you’re new to product management, part of this might be just getting used to the demands and stressors of the role. But if you feel like it goes beyond that, and you’ve tried some of the other things people have listed here, I would seek out a role at a different company.

  17. Just to make sure I understand your last paragraph correctly - do you think a lean-run sw Startup is a good or a bad choice looking at your work life balance and stress levels?

  18. If someone’s main focus were escaping burnout, I would not recommend working at a startup. One of my first jobs out of college was at a startup, and I was always juggling multiple roles. It can be a tremendous opportunity to learn and advance your career, but it’s very easy to get taken advantage of.

  19. Thanks for the feedback. Absolutely makes sense, especially considering the manager aspect.

  20. Was ist dein Eindruck von Bewerbern mit Berufserfahrung, die aktuell keinen Job haben. Es gibt öfter die Diskussion, Kündigen ohne Folgejob möglich oder nicht. Wie siehst du das, wie würdest du den Bewerber empfehlen, damit umzugehen?

  21. Das braucht es in dem Unternehmen nicht. Ich hätte dann keine festen Arbeitszeiten und keine feste Anzahl an Urlaubstagen. Ich kann frei entscheiden wann und wieviel ich Arbeite. Klingt zwar super so eine Regelung aber letztlich werden die Unternehmensziele mein Arbeitspensum bestimmen, daher fraglich ob ich das so leben kann.

  22. Ehrlich gesagt würde ich da nochmal konkret nachfragen. Wie viel Urlaub haben deine Interviewpartner genommen? Was ist der Schnitt aktuell? Wenn du Familie hast und dir der Urlaub und die freie Zeit mit ihnen wichtig ist, solltest du sicher gehen - unlimited vacation hat sonst sehr schnell den Effekt, dass keiner Urlaub nimmt und das startup sich nur Rückstellungen spart.

  23. Was war dein Eindruck im Interview?

  24. Hi! Vielleicht mal gucken, was bei den Impact Hubs und Social Impact Labs so für Unternehmen arbeiten?

  25. Schau ich mir genauer an, danke für den Tipp!

  26. Outbank, alles an Darlehen, Kreditkarten, Konten, Paypal, Crypto, Assets,… in einer App und ich kann direkt meinen Stand sehen. Budgets und Ausgabentracking kann das auch, nutze es aber nicht wirklich.

  27. Hier wenig diskutiert aber für mich der Hauptgrund für Outbank ist der Privacy-Ansatz. Alles lokal (syncs aber möglich), verschlüsselt, keine Auswertung meiner Aktivitäten. Bei allen kostenlosen Apps a la Finanzuguru stellt sich immer die Frage, wie die Anbieter Geld verdienen - und mir sind meine Finanz- und Zugansdaten zu Privat um sie auf einem fremden Server zu speichern und auswerten zu lassen.

  28. I’ve done a lot of weighted carries for training with my delta mx’s and I haven’t had any issues yet. I have 3 of them.

  29. Great, thanks for sharing your experience!

  30. I've used it with a 22 liter REI pack on few occasions. It did not pill but the fabric on the lower back part did sustain a permanent mark. It wasn't too obvious, kne had to look very closely to see it. Hope that helps.

  31. That helps, thanks for your feedback!

  32. Hi there - I have an offer at an innovation Arm of the United Nations World Food Programme, where some ex consultants work as well. I have some questions related to compensation and organisational topics I would appreciate an inside view but not that of my recruiters. Any of you have any experience with the UN (ideally WFP) and could answer some questions?

  33. Thanks, I’ll have a look. In the meantime, I decided I will likely go with a standard pouch like a transparent liquid bag for flights. There are durable versions (eg, I like the one from Osprey) that would hold everything I need. I am losing the padding, but that would be fine for my use case.

  34. Thanks everyone for the input - seems like it was a good idea to ask here first. I won't get it and will try to find something else.

  35. l would not recommend the farpoint as a hiking oriented backpack. Sure, you can walk around with it for a view hours, but having tried it for a several day hike myself, I would not do it again. I don‘t find it comfortable enough, straps and hip belts are not made for „real“ hiking activities and weight is not distributed optimally. the farpoint is not a bad bag - but it‘s qualities lie elsewhere in my opinion.

  36. The classic, 3 season, backpacking layering solution (base layer, 100wt fleece, windshirt, lightweight puffy, rainshell) is classic for a couple of reasons - it’s versatile for a wide range of temps, weather conditions and activity levels, and it just works. It’ll cover you for everything from -5C at camp to 35C in the day depending on how hot/cold you run.

  37. Thanks a lot for your comment - I currently plan to update my setup accordingly. Do you have suggestions for a breathable wind shell?

  38. From this list I only have experience with the Haglofs Lim Shield Comp. Good wind resistance. Very breathable, according to the coffee filter test the cfm would be around 35. Does not feel sweaty like many running jackets have owned.Pleasant material on the naked skin. Does not stick to the skin. Not very waterresistant but dries quick. After a 2 month thruhike with almost daily use with a backpack and several weekend trips no signs of wear. Lightweight, my womens S (or M) is 85g.

  39. Thanks a lot for your thought on the Haglofs, that helps a lot!

  40. Update? I just ordered one and am very confused on the settings.

  41. I am afraid there is no real update. You have to count backward - it‘s just a very weird ans unnecessary design flaw. I change the grind setting several times per week and find it still odd. But it’s also not more than add - a Little odd, just try to ignore it and count yourself. I am otherwise happy with the grinder itself ans its result.

  42. I can recommend crucial conversations. Very well written, easy to follow and with practical tips to navigate exactly those: crucial conversations at work or in personal live.

  43. So, finally, I’ve created new sub-domain called “share” and I’ve created as well a new link in DSM->Login Portal->Advanced->Reverse Proxy. Port is the same than DSM->Login Portal->Applications ->Synology Photos

  44. Does that mean when creating a new share link from within your Synology Photo application, your new "share" domain is being used? If I try to set it up over the reverse proxy as you described, the url can be used to access Photos, but the share link is still generated using the standard DDNS url... would appreciate any points, if I understood you wrong.

  45. I like the idea but would look out for a view things:

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