1. Mods need to sticky a prospective owners thread or something.

  2. Same here, I usually have to pinch the left lower corner to get it to unlock the ignition on mine. Hopefully there's good answers to this irritating problem.

  3. There's also this thread I found that gives some diagrams and also converting to non DSC

  4. I haven't looked into it deeply, but there may be certain fuses you can pull to disable the dsc but it'll most likely disable the abs as well, unless you don't care about any of that.

  5. Don't forget to stay in the left lane on every single freeway you drive from now on, just like every other BMW and Audi owner

  6. I say it's a great start for your first time, especially using thin material. Nice job!

  7. that white paint Looks super clean, when was it build ?

  8. My battery is a top post, I'm not sure if other ones are though depending on the year.

  9. If you were lucky you might have seen the ISS when one of the resupply satellites was either about to arrive, or had just departed. I saw one once and it was quite an impressive sight, two bright satellites moving together across the sky separated by a short distance. This would explain the brightness difference (the resupply satellite would be a very small fraction of the size of the ISS) and the parallel motion.

  10. That would be so cool to see. Too bad my phone didn't have all that good of focus to see it clearly if that's what it was.

  11. I personally think they can be good fun cars, as long as they're properly cared for. I bought mine this past June for $7k , and haven't had to do much yet in terms of maintenance besides brake work, premix, a cat delete and engine oil changes. It had 60k miles and as of now it has 72k. Starts very well cold and warm. I'll be replacing spark plugs, wires, and possibly coils in the spring. If you're seriously thinking about it, I would do a lot of research to see it would be worth it for you.

  12. Beautiful. I have the same colors but mines an 07. Where did you find that shifter? That's badass. Those black wheels set it off nicely. I have yet to look for wheels for mine.

  13. Because it looks a hell of a lot better than the last one, than trying to shove a giant box inside the trunk. I was making a point, not posting for simply posting

  14. Oof. I mean my trunk is definitely full even with the smaller box I put in it, but it fits much better than that.

  15. Step 1: move to country and state that doesn't require emissions Step 2: do whatever tf you want with your 8 Problem solved

  16. Check the terminals and cables closely as well. I had the exact problem of stalling while taking off from intersections, and losing all power to everything. Sometimes it would restart right away before I figured it out.

  17. It turns off the ignition and all other systems at once. Removing a battery cable while running has a big chance of causing damage to electrical systems.

  18. YES, you're right it does do that! But if we go a step further it does that by opening the main relay, which is exact same as disconnecting the battery.

  19. BUT The ignition is off by that time so the engine is no longer running thus the alternator is not turning and providing unbuffered voltage to the rest of the electrical systems

  20. Beautiful. I live white on the RX-8. I like taking my 4Runner over there for Silver Lake Dunes.

  21. Yeah this pearl-ish white is gorgeous on this car. I've heard that's a great place to play, I haven't had the time to get over there to see it myself though.

  22. Idk, it’s in the upper 60’s today in Wisconsin. Maybe we won’t get a terrible winter.

  23. Yeah it's very nice over here today as well, I'm really hoping for a mild winter. But Lake Michigan always decides the final outcome. If I wasn't stuck working out of town this week I'd be doing a lot of driving.

  24. Going to order it next month, when my car goes in for winter storage, and gonna use the entire winter to assemble it. So thanks for your recommendation

  25. You're very welcome, winter will be definitely a good time to do some work I plan on doing a little work to mine while it's in storage as well. Good luck with it

  26. Thank you! Hopefully going to be getting the Sohn oil injection kit installed this winter

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